Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Cee On It

Peace Good People,

There is a phenomenon that occurs without people knowing that it occurs. I noticed it. I'm special (LOL!). And I just want to make knowledge born so that others notice as well.

Everyone does not see everything as you see it.

That was my big revelation. I bet you thought you already knew that. Are you sure? Let me give some example because people don't get this....

1.) I have decided to no longer purchase white bras. I made that decision about 5 years ago. I still have white bras, but I only wear them when I have exhausted my stash of colored bras. My mother and I were in a store and I was looking at some bras. People around me are always so concerned about my boob height. My mother pointed out some that she thought would be good for me. I looked through them, but they were all white. I told her that I don't buy white bras anymore. She dismissed me and said, "Everyone wears white bras."

Okay, this is a problem for me. Since I'm not planning on ever wearing them once the ones I have tear up, then that means every one does not wear white bras. I am a brown seed. If I wear a white bra, it is under an opaque garment otherwise you would see said bra. Isn't the goal of under garments to not be noticeable? I don't need for people to be able to 'see' my bra through clothes. I don't need to prove that I have one on either. I have also heard other Black folks say that a white bra makes you look 'cleaner' than if you had a black bra on. That's just some ingrained self-racism right there.

2.) I do not go to church. Everyone doesn't go to church. That does not make me a thief, or a child molester, or druggie, or a prostitute or any damn thing. I just don't go to church. That's it

3.) I mange the office I am responsible for. I manage it my way. When my boss or coworkers (none of which actually work in my department) and they see how I handle my business, they always have suggestions. I listen, and explain why that doesn't work. I don't understand why people who are just looking in act like they are telling my something I haven't already tried or at the very least considered. YET..... My office is the most efficient department in the company. Hmmmm..... Kiss my ass!

Need I go on?

Good people, if you see something that you don't understand, or see people behaving in a way you wouldn't. There is nothing under the Sun that all people do the EXACT same way. And embrace diversity. Diversity is good. Do the knowledge before you get in the faces of folks with regard to your own opinion.



Flying Mermaid said...

Yes, please go on, because you're making me laugh so hard I'm fixing to choke, and I needed a good choking!

I don't even have to reply more than that, cuz you know who you're talking to!

Miss you.........

The Original Wombman said...

I am feeling this post! I can't for the life of me understand how folks who are JUST passing by or visiting think they can offer me insight on something I've been doing day in and day out for years!

Ftr, I don't wear white bras either!