Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let's Build

Peace Y'all,

I'm not sure if I'm a post this. I don't post everything I write. I actually wrote this over a month ago. Seriously, I write nearly everyday. I find it cathartic. But I wait some hours, sometimes some days (clearly months) and decide whether I post what I wrote. I have like 3 posts looking at me that haven't made the cut. I even have poetry and sketches all chilling in the cut. Y'all won't ever see that, though. And if you do, it will be under an assumed name. My poetry sucks. Just thought I'd share that bit of information with you. Okay on to the Build.....

Whenever someone comes at me... and you can see the look in their eyes when they are planning their attack... and says to me, "Let's Build" I smile.... And I pause... And I Knowledge the Cipher... G's and E's kill me with that.

I need to preface this with defining what I mean when I say Build. I mean when folks discuss serious and relevant topics. Not when G's and E's are just shooting the breeze. I have heard 'Building' described both ways. And I have used the term both ways. I just want to clarify what I'm referring to.

I don't have a problem 'Building' with people. Nope not at all. I love listening to the perspective of others and sharing my cee on things. Sometimes I agree with them; sometimes I don't. Everybody has their own perspectives on things. The God stressed to me the need for me to be on point with degrees and if I don't know, simply say I don't know yet and let it go rather than come up with some spontaneous bullshit. So I ain't scurred to Build with folk. But my boundaries are drawn based on their intentions.....

If some God comes in a warm, damn near hot assed current, trying to get all up in my mental mind, using the pretense of Building to learn the diameter of this Earth, I'm not having going there. I don't need that. This is not my 1st time at the cookout. I'm old enough and experienced enough to get out of that situation. It's not like this is particular to this Nation.

I really dislike when folks come at you with a peaceful countenance and shit in their eyes. They come at you like you are intent on elevation but their elevation is contingent on breaking you down and standing on your back. They want your 'cee' on a subject so they can rip and shred it, your ass and your dignity to pieces. Who are you? A doctor coming to qualify me? I think not. SMH. My question is why? What is to be gained by this type of interaction? Is your self esteem so nonexistent that you need to feed on others? Peace Y'all,

That's not gonna work on me. Know why? First of all.... I'm not a virgin. Folks have been jumping all over me reguarly. And they continue daily trying. Better, smarter, more attractive, richer, whatever people and my family have tried to attack me and force feed their issues have been unsuccessful. Secondly, I generally see it coming and have already come up with an exit. I will either not stay to listen to the BS or I will just ignore you because you don't matter. No one can hurt me unless I first give them permission.

So back the Original question of Why? Why do folks take pleasure in trying to humiliate someone they call their righteous brother or sister? That is not civilized. I have heard G's and E's brag about how they snatch a flag off someone's chest. I'm not saying that should never happen. Folks wear flags they haven't earned. But to take someone's flag because you disagree with their cee on things, ain't right.

Well... My flag is still intact.



The Original Wombman said...

This post touched home. Being who I am with all my "alternative" ways of living and being, I encounter people who feign interest in what I'm doing or feign a desire to help me elevate (read change) what I'm doing only to find ways to criticize me and tear me down. Like you, sis., I've become an expert at identifying them. And I totally agree: my boundaries are drawn.

But sis, this post was crazy! You posted stuff twice. And I'm tired reading it too so you had me thinking it was me! LoL . . . great post nevertheless.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Thanks for making 1 9. I think I took care of it. Never blog while sleepy....