Tuesday, August 14, 2012

14:SA - Now, Nation, End


Today’s degree in the Supreme Alphabet as “N” Now, Nation, End. It’s one of those letters with multiple meanings that must be considered together (i.e. H, L, T, etc). I see the Knowledge Culture coordinate of Now Nation End, to correspond to Past Present and Future. Now is clearly the Present. Nation is the future and End is the past.

When dealing with these 3 concepts, many people tend to blur the boundaries and mix, dilute and tamper with them blending them up in a stew where you cannot differentiate the ingredients. But the individual concepts must be clarified to make understanding understood. Especially when Acknowledging the Culture.

When considering our Culture we need to be mindful of our heritage. Allah choose some grimy individuals to be his 1st born. But he cleaned them up. So many people think that in order for one to be a proper God or Earth that one needs to first be grimy. No. That type of thinking must End. Not discriminating against the grimy, but there is nothing wrong with turning our magnetic towards the non-grimy. They/We have a lot to offer to our Culture. AGAIN… not trying to cast any shadows on the grimy…. BUT…. They tend to not work square jobs. Previous incarcerations prevent a lot of our brothers from obtaining gainful employment. And where as they have a lot of love for our Culture, they can’t do much in the way of bringing gold to the table to able our outreach. I’m just saying. Women with many many many children, employed or not have to work super hard just to pay the childcare expenses. So they can contribute neither their time nor their energy to the work of the cipher. I have seen it over and over in many different ciphers. But I get why folks are a bit hesitant to reach out to affluent 85ers. We may feel like we have nothing to offer them that would enhance their existence. But the truth is powerful and you don’t know where their heads are. Many of them feel drawn to our existence but since we don’t extend the invitation, or we are too aggressive with our demeanor. Seriously, we have to get it together if we want our Nation to grow. And isn’t that our duty as civilized people? To teach?????

Clearly the definition of Now puts us right in the current state. Now. Not later, not before, Now. I see the elder Gods go into the past to deal with the present. And not that there is anything wrong with remembering history…. You must remember that there are things that exist in the present that didn’t exist just 20 years ago. Internet, Google, Facebook, twitter, cell phones, race walking, etc. You cannot expect to draw up people by just standing in a cipher on the street. You cannot. Folks will google us and find that a 5%er killed Michael Jordon’s father or that we are a gang and move the hell on. We need new strategy for the people of today. Also… We cannot be so future oriented that we are not currently good. We cannot say, “Wait until we get our money up” to do work in the community. There is no such thing as the right time.

And of course the future of the Nation lies with our nation itself. We can add our Knowledge of the Culture and be Powerful… or we can choose not to. But whatever the decision is… It’s ours to make.



D. McAuliffe said...

Peace sister. Allow me to first express the admiration I have for your posts. I've actually read this blog before, a few years ago, but I was brought back to it by a comment you had left on another blog I was perusing.

Anyway, I do not belong to the Nation of Gods and Earths officially, although I was introduced to the culture from an early age, and I have always had a deep respect for the Nation and the Lessons, and especially for Mathematics. I have studied 120, and I apply the principles of Supreme Mathematics to my daily life. That being said, I'd like to address your last paragraph.

I have always wondered what the future of the nation would be like. It seems to me that each successive generation of Gods and Earths grows smaller. What is your stance on this claim, and what are your reasons behind that stance? Do you think it is because the Gods have not adapted to the current realities of the world and have not managed to grasp the lifestyle of brothers and sisters my age (born 1991)? Or do you think that we have failed to grasp the realities the Lessons speak on?

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

That is an excellent question. IMHO... the reason we have not the growth that other movements have is because we are relying on recruitment rather than reproduction. If we had completely righteous families and raising righteous children who in turn do the same we could get our numbers up. But that leads one to ask the question is having numbers important?

D. McAuliffe said...

Thanks for your reply sister.

I don't think numbers are always fundamental or integral. A few enlightened individuals have the potential to change the world if they are truly dedicated to their cause. Which flows into your response about righteous families. It seems to me that some Gods and Earths claim to live 120, but in reality, they perpetuate the mentality and activities of the 85%. That negative segment is what has caused the Nation to be viewed as a "gang," a "cult," and whatever other false and unflattering description they try to bestow upon the Nation. I think that as long as there are poor righteous teachers, there will be righteous students willing to learn.

"Quality over quantity."