Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blue Moon - 13:AF I am on time!!!!!


This month is the month where we get a “Blue Moon.” A Blue Moon is a second moon in a given month. Months and seasons were designed on the solar calendar. But the lunar calendar is different. It is a 28 day calendar versus the 365.25 day calendar of the Sun. Within a given year there will be 13 moons. So there will be 1 month that gets 2 full moons. And that month for 2012 is August. Women on a 28 day menstrual cycle will have that 1 month a year where they have 2 starts of their periods. That should quench any curiosity to why women are considered "Moons" or why the moon is considered feminine.

The Blue Moon is ignored by the Abrahamic religions, but oh how the pagans love it. There is paganism in my past… long story… And I remember the hoopla attached to a Blue Moon. Anything you put in place during a Blue Moon lasts until the next Blue Moon which can be a year away. Think about that… You put a curse on someone; it can’t be lifted for a year. You bring some energy in your life during a Blue Moon it’s there for a year. Kind of like a cell phone contract.

The Actual fact that I think is appropriate for this moon is the Knowledge Understanding degree. Since there won’t be a 13th month in any year. That is the long and incorrect degree of 12 trillion, 478 billion, 118 million 400 thousand square inches.

My God/educator had me do the math to this degree using the information provided in other degrees to show and prove it. Actually, I had to show and prove everything in 120. I did. It was annoying. But the calculation gives square inches and not regular inches like the degree states. You can’t be mad at T.H.E.M., he only had a 3rd grade education but he got more right than he did wrong. And who doesn't make the occasional mistake?

So what do these 2 completely different concepts have in common with Knowledge Understanding abbt Culture (yes… I abbt) and me/Earth? I cee it to mean the importance to Understand what you Know. That separates our Culture from Yakub’s world manifest.

What distinguishes religion… any kind of religion… from NGE is belief. Belief makes things spooky. Belief is acceptance with no Understanding or just taking things on face value. Religious people use the word 'faith' to describe this concept. And the description in their holy book, reinforces the habit. (Hebrews 11:1) That is what constitutes religion. Just fervent cluelessness. Lots of G’s and E’s will accept degrees in 120 without doing the knowledge. If you know folks that do that… call them on it. If they don’t have a logical answer… and is there a logical answer for not doing the 1?.... Then you know that individual is NOT true and living. NOT God or Earth. A pretender.

Why Serenity, that is harsh…. No it isn’t. I’m a woman of strong opinions. My cee is our Culture isn't being guarded and defended like it used to be. We let in all manner of mixing diluting and tampering in nowadays; and no ones says a word. Why are we trying to be so nice? That is messing with the integrity of our Culture. And what is so hard about doing the Knowledge? Once foolishness is put in place, it stays in place for awhile until someone is bold enough to take a stand. And don’t get it twisted. That bold God or Earth will be ostracized by folks who think it’s easy to just lay back in the cut, or who want to make us more user friendly. Not saying the harshness is always warranted, but it is tradition.

I Understand what I know. And if I don’t, I don’t act on it until I do Understand. It’s okay to not know, not be sure or to be wrong… being wrong teaches lessons…. But it’s not okay to be cool with acting in ignorance and call it science.



Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Peace y'all. My educator informed my that I am in error with this build. Rather than change the build I will make a comment here so that all can see that no one is above making the occasional error....

13:AF was NOT authored by T.H.E.M. He went up to 11:AF and the last 2 were added.