Wednesday, August 1, 2012



Whenever I build on the God degree in the Actual Facts, I tend to relate it to… err…. Something on the God…. Teehee. I might say, “I want to climb Mount Everest.” Or something like that. Especially since it is the "God" degree. But this is an Actual fact and Actual Facts have everything to do with the Earth so I need to make this applicable to me.

July’s full moon is called the Full Buck Moon or the Thunder Moon. FBM refers to the time of the year when male deer begin to grow their horns…. And horns in many cultures are considered a sign of male prowess and/or an aphrodisiac. Thunder is the sound 2 clouds make when they bump into each other. And there is something a little energetic when it is thundering LIGHTLY and the rain begins to fall. Queue the music…. Still, these moons aren’t making it easy to build on the Earth… So I will take the best part.

Mount Everest is 29,141 feet.
Feet = 12” Which is about…..

29141 is abbt Build Through Knowledge God. Knowledge God is “Queen” in the Supreme Alphabet. So I will draw this up and make it applicable to me as Earth…

There are several ways Gods (7) and their Queens (17) can build (8). One way is sexually. So many people view sex as a negative. I don’t get that. I’m a grown assed woman who has been grown for sometime. I know how to handle my business. It’s not like it’s a secret how to prevent pregnancy, disease and a bad reputation. There is nothing wrong with building sexually. It is what keeps life going on the planet. Mount Everest is the highest point on the planet. And climbing said range is enjoyable (Build) but can also be dangerous (Destroy). What makes the difference is the individuals engaging in the activity. If the Man is God and the woman is his Queen then according to the definition of the titles, these people should be engaging with all the problems quelled and just enjoy the activity. And if a seed/soil results from the activity it will be a joyous outcome. However, if the man is a joker and the woman is a chicken head, then based on those titles the result of that coupling can’t be anything but foolishness. Because those individuals are working from a damaged perspective and this is how it’s done for them.

Now folks don’t just fall in God/joker or Queen/chicken head category. There are gradations in the spectrum. But you do need to ask yourself if you are Mt. Everest or if you are planning to climb it, where you fall.