Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I get the Job Done.... I work... Baby!

"The question at hand... Is how do I love thee."
~Big Daddy Kane


Often times, I have witnessed Earths who are reluctant to build on any God degree in SM, SA and 120. Why? When you actually find Earths who want to build, they say it is because they understand that building is to make degrees and such applicable to themselves and they don’t see themselves in the degrees or they don’t see how a ‘God’ degree is applicable to the Earth. Trust me… I hear this a lot. A lot more than I care to. Well I am an Earth that is not scared to build on ALL of the degrees. This Nation is as much mine as it is the Gods.

Today’s degree in “The Meat” is, “How fast does our planet travel? 1,037 1/3 mph.” I like this degree from an Earth’s standpoint, and from a woman’s stand point. The 1st 8 degrees of the 1-40 all mention ‘Earth’ in them. This one doesn’t. But it does mention ‘our planet.’ I take ‘our’ to mean Original, and ‘planet’ to mean women. We all recognize that planets are females. So this degree is applicable to all women, Not just Earths.

This degree points out that even though planets rotate around a sun…. They still spin on their own axis. Some spin clockwise, others counter clockwise. Hell, some roll. But planets are not lazy and shiftless. They all work and have their OWN work to do, and they do it. All while traveling around the Sun. I think about this every time I rise early and take of things that Serenity needs vs. what we need. I think about how my mother and her women friends labored alone to make sure they had everything they needed. I consider this when I consider the relationships between Original men and women raised in single mother homes. Oh... we put in some work.

I was watching a documentary with regard to the Earth’s moon. And I was reminded of how awesome the moon is in stabilizing the planetary rotation of the Earth. I say reminded, because I majored in Zoology in college. And my college has a planetarium. Hail, Hail Dear Alma Mater!!!! No other planet has a moon as large as the Earth in comparison to it’s size. But the moon doesn’t spin on its axis. I suppose since it doesn’t spin it doesn’t have an axis. That moon that you see up in the sky, is the same piece of moon you and everything on the planet with eyes has been looking at for time remembered. The dark side of the moon is NEVER presented to the Earth. The changes in phase are due to the Earth’s shadow projected on the moon. I bet you didn’t realize the Earth had a shadow. So the moon is always full, you just can’t always see it. I bet that is killing it for them Wiccans!

Another consideration is we in this Nation refer to the baby girls as moons. That is so appropriate. They revolve around their mothers as the moon does the Earth. Children restrict their mothers’ activities as the moon restricts the Earths activities as well. (Without the moon, the Earth would wobble on its axis) And there will be sides to that girl child her mother will never see. Trust me on this. I was a girl, and I knew other girls. We sneaky.

So we as Original women have our own work to do, in addition to maintaining that 93 million mile elliptical orbit around the Sun. In all the work we do to maintain order in the Universe we find ourselves in, we don’t get to be negligent of our own responsibilities to our personal selves because we are grown.

A lot of us may not be in a relationship with God. That doesn’t mean we get to roll about doing whatever. We have to be that Supreme Being to ourselves and handle our business appropriately until the right God captures us with his magnetic. We are the prize, ladies. Don’t forget that.