Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ain't all Sunshine and Roses


Once you get seasoned in this Nation, you start to see the little idiosyncrasies that exist in all organizations and/or Cultures. This is stuff you would never see as an outsider looking in. Membership does have it's challenges.... I suppose this is me hashing out particular pet peeves....

It's no secret I had 2 educators. I did 120 twice. My 1st educator was not my man. So when I did get a man, I had to redo 120. I'm not mad anymore. My 2nd ride was superior to my 1st. Precise is a really good educator. He is scholarly by nature and very patient. He can really break down concepts and tells you little 'nation secrets' that gives you insight on the Culture. For him it's about making NGE something that incorporates itself into your lifestyle. He's not just about memorization and yelling. I would say he's a good educator even if he wasn't my man. Not all Gods teach that way.

From having 2 educators, I've come to learn that there is no “standard” 120, or even Supreme Mathematics for that matter. For example for 4 we have Culture, and not Culture/Freedom. For 5 we have Power and not Power/Refinement. Does that make our Math wrong? No. It's what I got from my educator and what he got from his. My 1st version of 120 is different from the 120 I now recite. Does that make one of the versions wrong? No. It makes them different. I get SO Pissed Off when someone gets all emotional about their Math being the 1 true math and that all other versions make the people who recite them idiots. That's why Build has a Destroy. Those people are not Building.

And I get why people feel strongly about their own Mathematics. I feel strongly about my own. But not enough to beat someone over the head with my version. I don't even like interacting with folks who do that.

Religion does not allow you to be tolerant of other points of view. It's not set up like that. Everyone at a given moment must believe and behave as the people who are sitting circumferential to them. It's all right or all wrong. The Xian Bible is generally not up for debate in a given denomination or church. You must see everything the exact way the pastor says or you are wrong. NGE isn't like that. We all get to... and should strive for.... an original Understanding. That's how we grow. I may hear folks Build on a degree from a perspective I've never considered. That always inspires me to do some external research and then I have adjusted my Cee. Cees are always in flux... and should be.

But what pisses me off is when Gods want to try bully folks into their Understanding. That shit only works on weak minded, lazy, religious people. People who never left the church mentally or don't want to put in the work to develop their own Cee and are willing to parrot something they heard. Parroting comes with no Understanding and I have to ask is that a Cee or not. Regurgitation ie vomit stinks.

And just because I call my Nation on the floor, doesn't mean I'm a Nation traitor. The Xian Bible says the Lord disciplines the one he loves.” If I saw some foolishness and looked the other way... that isn't Love...