Monday, July 25, 2011

Peace to the Earth!


What does it mean to be “Earth” in Allah’s 5% Nation of Gods and Earths?

Oh it’s wonderful. I am so much more satisfied with my Culture now than I was when I was a Christian. Why? Truth may be a hard pill to swallow; but you never get sick from it.

I used to think (and still do) clergy got some sort of sadistic pleasure from telling you that you are fucking up. I mean if they are supposed to be the paragons of virtue, when do they get to let their hair down? When they Pray? Listen to gospel? Go to church? Clergy can’t or shouldn't do do clubs (really can you imagine being at the club and seeing your pastor in there?), can’t get their swerve on, can’t watch porn, can’t nothing. It’s all very stiff up in there. I remember a former pastor used to like to play the board game, Trouble. Really? Unless it was strip trouble, that is a plea for help. The only thing they have for fun is the finger pointing game and maybe some procreational sex with their duly appointed partner. Yeah…. G's and E's don’t roll like that.

We also advocate raw unadulterated Truth with no lube, sugar or cream. It may hurt when you are 1st getting used to it but after a few times you get a taste for it… even crave it. What’s better than being told to your face with no guile or ulterior motive, the truth? Whether it is pleasurable or bad, it’s nice to know that’s what’s coming.

Many 85 women (and devils) ask my why I like being an Earth or what does being an Earth mean to me? They think because the men are Called “Gods” that to be an Earth is somehow inferior…. No. Many would like for our women to be called “Goddess” to reflect our Equality to the men. But it doesn’t work like that. We have Equality. But Equality doesn't mean the same.

Using the terms God and Goddess implies that the only difference between men and women are our genitals. And that’s not the case. In order for this world to operate effectively, men have one role and women have another. Everyone doesn’t need to perform the same job. That is redundant.

Ridiculously simple example: The house needs a dozen eggs for dinner. I go to the store and buy a dozen and the God goes to the store and buys a dozen. With both of us having performed the same job who now cooks the eggs? If we both do for a meal we both share does not that seem like a waste of time and energy? That’s because it is. But if God or I buys the eggs and the other prepares the meal, then harmony and balance reign in the cipher. And at the end of the day isn’t that what you want?

Yes our Gods are misogynistic. I built about that last week. But it’s not always a bad thing. Misogynistic men get off on being men. This new breed of metrosexual man is too soft to handle the man jobs and actually will push a man job off on a woman. That is NOT a good look.

Example of metrosexual punk assed-ness: Years months and days ago –something year old wanted to be my man and do the grown folk. But he would punk out when I needed a MAN’s assistance. My toilet seat broke and he refused to put a new one on for me. When I went to put it on (and I always knew how) he said it turned him on to see me handle my business. Well I continued to handle my business… including the business he wanted to handle for me. A misogynistic man wouldn’t dream of me doing that type of work for myself.

I suspect a lot of the misogyny stems from this being a man-heavy movement. When men teach men they tend to pass on masculine type views and stereotypes. Doe it always work for me? No. But it works more than it doesn’t. And you know why it does? Because I’m a woman that recognizes that my femininity is not dependent on how freaky I can get in the bedroom.

Also women just tend to excel at certain thins and men others. A woman can hear her child call “Mommie” in a room full of children crying the same word. And some men just completely get the “providing without bitching” on a level that I as a woman cannot fathom. Yes I can provide for myself. But I will complain about it every step of the way, even cry about it. Men have this odd ability to go out and very stoically work and pay bills without drawing your attention to it. Women nurture and men provide. 2 completely different processes

Very Nice Example: I had to have major surgery. I was going to be out of commission for 2 months. I told Mommie, she got upset for me and vowed to be by my side and nurse me through it. And she kept her word. She nurtured me in her own way. Daddy inquired about how I was going to meet my expenses. Then sent me the money to cover it. He didn’t come to the hospital (he was in another state) but he made sure my lights stayed on. Who made the more important contribution? Women would say my mother and men my father. But they both came from 2 different places and they gave me what was from them to give. Could my mother have afforded to front me the money? Hell yeah! That woman is sitting on a Benjamin pile, but that’s not how she saw it. Could Daddy have come down and held my hand and walked me through the hospital halls? Yes! But he neither saw it like that. Men and woman are far more different then their genitals and yes they can perform the same functions but shouldn’t.

So does that mean that I see me as “Earth” as inferior to a “God”? Emphatically Now Cipher! (That’s no to the non-initiated). I see myself as the Supreme female being handling my woman square while the God is the Supreme male being handling his man square.