Monday, November 21, 2011

Women and Children 1st


I am SOOOOOOOO sick of white people. How does the president’s and vice president’s wives get booed when they are trying to show love for the troops and their families? You don’t have to agree with the president. You don’t have to agree with his views and policies. But to disrespect his woman? That’s foul!

I am an Obama supporter. I plan to vote for him a second time should he run next year. That’s my business. I recognize that folks resent him being in the highest office in this country. But he was elected. Those of y’all with my degree KNOW and Understand that Black folks are a minority in this country. Always have been. If every Black person voted for him and that was it, then we would not have gotten elected as per 3,4:10. And we all know that a lot of Black folks can’t and don’t vote. Millions of white folks cast their ballots for President Obama.

I am sick of the sheer foolishness that follows him everywhere he goes. He doesn’t put his hand over his hard when the National anthem is being played; white folks go ape shit. He doesn’t have to. All that is required of a patriot is to remove their hats if they are males. He gives children a back to school speech… like every other president has done prior…. Parents keep their children home form school. Why? What is he going to say to your children that you object too? Do well in school? Study hard? Mind your parents and teachers? The white parents don’t want a Black man to have influence over their children. So many white folks refuse to call him “President Obama.” Do they think that denying is going to make it true? Demanding that he produce a birth certificate. That is governmental isht. If folks was so hot and bothered to se it, they could have requisitioned one. The president did not need to bring it himself; nor even prove that he was born in this country. They do a credit check when you apply for a supermarket discount card. You think they didn’t check this man’s background before he decided to run for office? You saw how quick Haiti kicked Wycleff to the curb when he tried to run for president there. Are you saying the USA is behind Haiti? And regardless of what country he was born in, his mother was a US citizen. He could have been born on Mars and still had dual citizenship. Fucking idiots!

One of the things I admire and recognize about our (that’s right, OUR) president is that more so than the average Black person, Knows and Understands how to deal with the devil on a level most of us never will. His father made him and bounced. Not to another state but to another country. The elder Obama left his clearly Original Sun to be raised in the bosom of the white man. The president has stated that his grandparents were moderately racist, and his mother was frequently absent, leaving him in his grandparent’s care. SMH. That had to be hard. And he has a crazy name. Coming from this background, I trust this man to know how to handle the devil and their nastiness. But attacking his wife is uncalled for.

Men fight the battles. That’s what they do. To go after women and children is way below the belt. Did any one ever go after Barbara or Laura Bush? Nancy Reagan? Yes they went after Hillary Clinton and Rosalind Carter. I’m thinking Republicans are just a dirty bunch of crackers.

Let us explore the reasons white folks are bitching about our First Lady shall we? She has attacked childhood obesity. She installed a victory garden at the White House and she is an advocate for breast feeding. How dare she? Folks have gone as far as to infer that her husband is going to leave everybody so broke that this is the only way folks will be able to eat. Really? All First Ladies have platforms. This is hers. Folks want to imply that she is overweight. Are they blind? I suppose that is how the media portrays the Black woman so when they see one that doesn’t fall victim to the stereotype they don’t know how to react. Rush Limbaugh went as far to say she should wear yellow. WTF??? Is he a stylist now? This shit is crazy and it’s gone too far.

I realize that my blog is humble and I have 23 readers. But I don’t care. I’m a say my peace and not really care if you feel some kind of way about it.

You don’t have to like, agree, or support the President. This is a free country. But leave his wife and babies out of it.




Leigh said...

Well, being one of those nasty white foks myself, I don't know if my thoughts are of much account. ;) I absolutely agree that smear campaigns have gone too far. I think that's what happens when moral standards are abandoned in favor of winning at any cost. I think too, the media loves to perpetuate this stuff. If they wouldn't report it, folks would quit doing it because what they're really after is the press coverage. Yeah, Laura Bush caught a whole lotta flack, mostly from white Dems, I think. They hated her because she was conservative and a Christian.

When President Obama took office, I had a lot of hope that his presidency would bring healing to this nation. Sadly, things only seem to be getting worse.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Leigh you are funny. Folks don't have to agree with the president's views. But his wife is not responsible for them. She was at an event promoting being nice to active duty troops and their families and for this she gets booed? SMDH.

Where is the home training?

The Original Wombman said...

You know, I really agree. It's just so vile to attack the President's family . . . I don't know why folks have to go so low as that.

I agree Leigh, I had a flicker of optimism that things would get better when Obama took office. The flicker is officially gone!