Wednesday, November 16, 2011

AcKnowledging my own Equality = God i.e. Grown


I’m grown. A lot of people also claim to be grown. But I am not just chronologically grown. I am emotionally grown, experientially grown, and I acknowledge my own grown-ness.

When I turned 18, I was in college, completely dependant on my parents. Living in my mother’s house (when not at school), she had the ability (and took it) of telling me when I needed to be in the house or consequences would happen. That’s not grown. Oh yes I was over 18, therefore chronologically grown but not slightly close to be being able to take care of myself. I say all this to give an example that grown is not necessarily a calendar related issue.

I see folks daily, who are chronologically elevated but are dependant physically or mentally on others for their well being. I’m not speaking of employed people who work for others. And I am not referencing people who live in the wild off the grid. I’m talking about everyday people who have homes and jobs yet still aren’t “grown.” They can’t function without someone telling them what to do. That’s not being grown.

Part of the acknowledging one’s own self is accepting that the choice one makes are just that. One’s own choices. The consequences of your choices also belong to you. So if things don’t work out, don’t be so quick to blame the devil, the system , the illuminati, etc. The 1st bit of blame always splashes on self, because you made a decision that put you there. I don’t hold myself higher than accountability.

Personal Example…. I had aspirations of having a better Justice Cipher Born than I currently have. I got the requisite requirements, but it just didn’t happen for me as I had planned. Am I blaming anyone other than self? No. Shit happens. It’s all my fault and I don’t complain when the student loan payments come out of my check. They are entitled to that money and I gave my word saying I’d pay it back. Me. I’m grown. Am I working and striving for betterment? Always. But I recognize when all is said and done; some folks just have better luck than others. And I’m not attributing my situation to something arbitrary, but in the grand scheme, somebody always takes a hit and I suppose in my situation that person is me.

Am I saying that bad things can't happen that are completely out of control? Of course not. Those little boys abused at Penn State did not bring that on themselves. But look at each situation for what it is and you will find your kernel of responsibility for it.

I think it is funny that folks take all the credit when windfalls come their way and love to blame others for problems and situations.



Divine Love Allah said...

Great Build Serenity, I agree and to add on, I myself thought I was grown at one time. That was only by the physical age though, I found myself pointing fingers and blaming others, instead of holding that mirror up and pointing at that....A lot of people claim to be grown, and to be dealing with growth and development in their life, b.u.t that growth & development is superficial if they are not the maker and owner of their independent decisions they choose...One thing about the knowledge of self as God or Earth, we are accountable for our words and actions thereafter, so that transition from man or woman to God or Earth is a that of a GROWN decision which was made from the beginning by you once you acknowledged your own equality!I can honestly say I am GROWN, and this only comes from the hindsight of my experiences that I put self through, which made me seal the "irresponsible" cracks in my foundation which kept it undeveloped for some this is why I don't fear the devil, because I KNOW I'm a GROWN MAN!!.......Peace!!!

Leigh said...

Agreed. We live in a world with so many immature people who never grow up. Personal responsibility and acceptance of circumstances are some of the keys to maturity.