Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What is the meaning of Civilization?


I work in an office where 75% of the patients are Original. The boss is a devil though everyone else who works here is Original. Don’t take this the wrong way…. We don’t take Medicaid. We have a refrigerator, kind of a wine cooler, in the waiting room. My boss fills it with 12 oz juices, water and Gatorade. There is also a Kuerig coffee dispenser. It’s all complimentary for our patients. But clearly folks don’t understand what complimentary means. It means one beverage per patient per visit. My vet has the same setup. In addition to beverages, they also serve cookies and sweet treats. It’s way snazzy. Much better than what you get in this office. My vet is a she-devil and most of her patient’s owners are devils and she-devils. There is a huge fucking disparity between how the human patients get down and the way the vet parents get down.

Daily, the staff of this office MUST police people to make sure they don’t clean us out. Now I’m not one of these people who take the personal feel to a job. I don’t see anything here as ‘mine.’ But I have witness it with my own eyes, people taking multiple beverages and stuffing it in their bags when they think no is looking. When told that it is one patient per visit, they get angry; almost like they want to throw it down. B.U.T. when the boss shows up, there is a lot of hemming and hawing, foot shuffling and looking down at the floor. Really? Why it is our people behave so uncivilized?

The reverse also occurs daily. This time it’s usually the old people who are scared to get anything. First they ask, “How much?” When told it’s complementary, they get nervous, sit down and stare at the machines. I have volunteered to make the coffee when I see their hesitation, but they truly are frightened. And this is a phenomenon I have only seen with our Original patients. Devils seem to be much more comfortable. And don’t get it twisted, not all devils are balling. There are some broke assed devils out there that sport a hot mess even in a professional building. But they seem to take things in stride differently than our own people. I find this disturbing.

Why do we do this? Do we still fear the devil? Are we afraid that there will be some type of divine retribution? Are we just this ghetto? And it’s not the education thing because a LOT of the offenders claim to be educated. I have even asked folks, and the answers I’ve received are just a level above ‘iggnant’ foolishness.

Can y’all shed some light?