Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wisdom Born

Peace Y’all,

Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Born abbt Wisdom. Wisdom is a verb… an action word. Born means bring into existence. So what have my actions brought into existence?

I was building with a friend of mine and I was remarking that I had a lot of vacation time that I had no idea I had. Like 67 hours. Back in February, there was a snow/ice storm that had me out of work for a week. I assumed that I was out of days because of that. And keeping my eye on the future, I see that the last week in December the office I currently work in/for will be closed. So I’m mentally preserving time for that. No point in having time you aren’tusing, right?

Anywho…. My friend asked what my summer plans were. I said that I was looking to take some time off. Even more if I was not going to be employed here in December. He asked if I was looking for work and I answered yes. He laughed and said “You are always looking for work. You’ve been saying that for the last 8 years.” And he was right.

I have been wholly unsuccessful in my hunt for gainful employment. Yes I have a job, but it barely pays my bills. I mean I squeak through every month. Sometimes the squeak ain’t enough. But I continue to work here because a half a cookie is better than no cookie at all. I’m grown. And other grown folk can testify that sometimes you gotta shift into survival mode. (Its funny how broke-assedness will pull the ebonics out of you) And that’s where I have been for nearly a decade.

So how must I adjust my Wisdom to make it my goals/gold successful? I don’t have that answer. So will go and sat down somewhere and think about this, because clearly my actions up to this point have been wholly ineffectual.

Stay tuned.