Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Uncivilized Savage Jungle Beasts!


As I was contemplating my degrees this morning, I got caught on one of them as I often do. This morning it was the different designations of mental states. Savage, beast, jungle, civilized. And I was thinking about the meaning of ‘savage’ and how it’s used in 120.

Savage is first defined as meaning “… one who has lost all knowledge of self and is living a beast way of life…” So by calling someone savage you are implying that they once were un-savage. Now this definition comes pretty early in 120... no matter the order you get it. The first time you cee it the word gets defined. So that sets the tone for it’s usage. So when you recite ‘savage’ in 18:40 does it mean teach those that never knew or those who knew and backslid? And how does one make that determination? Do we mean those who can trace their ancestry to a time before the advent of him/devil? Or do we mean just plain 85? The wording is… “…to teach the savage, civilization….” Teaching implies that you are giving someone information that is new to them, not a refresher course. Then over to 19:40, the savage is not referenced. They are now called ‘uncivilized.’ Is that different from savages who live a beast way of life?

The God will tell me that I’m being a 120 scholar and I might be. It tickles me to dwell on all the words and phrases. But I also find it enlightening when I get a profound answer. And there are Gods out there with a crazy Understanding on these degrees. I don’t know what kind of Kool-Aid T.H.E.M. was drinking when he answered Supreme Wisdom, but I want a sip, not a whole glass.



Be Magnetic Allah said...

Peace Earth,
I enjoy and get a lot from your blogs. I found You by way of the God Supreme Victory's blog.
I See the UNCIVILIZED as those who never knew. I See the SAVAGES as those that FORGOT or those that LOST ALL Knowledge...

In the CULTURE Degree in the Knowledge to Knowledge Culture the Devil gets a "refresher course" courtesy of Musa in some FORGOTTEN Trick-Knowledge.
I guess we all need a refresher from time to time. If we don't use it we forget and lose it.
Be Magnetic Allah


SupremeVictoryAllah said...

Peace Earth,

Like you, I consider my self to be "120 head" so to speak, which is a beautiful thing because it simply means that we continue taking the best part of the degrees which is understanding. That being said, I think that the science on savage and it's meaning as a state of mental being is fluid, and therefore dependent on the individual's cee on the degree in question, which dictates context. I think you touched on something noteworthy in asking if it pertains to those who never knew or those who once knew and backslid. My answer would be both.

The knowledge build degree in the 1-40 infers that savagery and being uncivilized are synonymous. So along that line of reasoning, some people become savage when they forget how to act/be civilized (mental death 13:1-40). Other people manifest savagery because they were never civilized to begin with ie. some of these bad ass kids whose parents were savages and therefore not said persons of the ability to impart to them knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture and refinement. Without traveling through those supreme mathematical levels referenced in the knowledge god degree an individual can't sidestep savagery.