Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Got Mines

Peace Family,

Y’all can’t imagine how many Earths contact me, in the physical and online, complaining that their Gods don’t/won’t/refuse/whatever to teach them 120. So much in fact that it sickens me. For those of you who are new to my Nation or unfamiliar with our ways and actions; 120 is our curriculum. It is a requirement of Gods who claim our Culture and it must be memorized. Gods must have a command of 120 to such and extant, that they can recite any degree on demand without hesitation. Trust me, this happens daily. It’s one of the ways to show and prove that you might be true and living. I’m repeating this for effect… It MUST be memorized.

B.U.T. 120 is a God requirement… Not an Earth requirement. To qualify as a true and living Earth, an Original woman should know Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet and have some relationship with a God. Whether it be her man, son, brother, uncle, friends, etc. If a woman without 120 is lacking a relationship, she is looked on with suspicion. As she should. We are a paranoid nation, and proud of it. We do not take things on face value and everyone should be and expect to be examined. It is harder for a woman to show and prove her devotion to our Nation if she has neither 120 or a man.

Now a rational person should realize that things can happen. Relationships come and go. If a woman depends on a man to do certain things for her, should something happen to said man she will now either need to find another man to pick up the slack of pick it up for her own self. Another odd unofficial habit of men in our Nation is that many of them don’t like “ready-made-Earths.” So it would be that much harder for a Earth to stay related.

So what is a woman to do to insure that she will always be able to maintain her own rotation in our Nation? A woman’s position in my Nation is tenuous under certain circumstances. But it’s not like women are powerless to affect these circumstances. Learn 120. Simple as that!

There are a large contingency of Gods that don’t teach their Earths 120. I have heard that it’s useless because Earths can’t elevate high enough to Understand it. I have heard that it’s unnecessary for us. As long as we have a God to hold us down, he will direct our orbit. I finally heard one God say that if we had 120 we could call him on their bullshit. The bottom line is this… I don’t KNOW why these types of Gods don’t want to teach women. And I don’t care. But there are many Gods who do. Without 120, a woman will not be able to maintain as an Earth if she is alone. Do you Know how many formerly righteous women I know who used to be Earth, broke up with their Gods, now they have seeds/soil that are Christians with righteous names? More than I care to share.

Also in this Nation, we have a tendency to do what I call, “Nation Speak.” When we converse, we use phrases from 120 to convey to each other what we mean. We can speak completely in code if we wanted. It is an opportunity to show our Understanding of the degrees and gain another’s cee outside the parliament. Also, I don’t get how any Earth could enjoy a rally without 120. When the Gods build, they use 120. If you don’t know it, then it sounds like a bunch of gibberish. (Hmmm. I didn’t know that last word started with a ‘g.’ Go spell check!) Earths don’t Build at the Rallies for a number of reasons. The biggest is because they don’t Understand what’s going on because they don’t have 120.

120 has benefited me in a number of non-Nation ways. It has filtered my perspective on a lot of things. It’s sort of the way Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, etc. go to their holy books for guidance. I can go to 120 and use it order situations in my cipher. But I Know and Understand that there is no mystery to the words. They aren’t supernatural, just solid advice. And paired with Supreme Mathematics it has never disappointed me.

I have 120. I can stand in any cipher and be tested to show myself approved, whether I have a God next to me or not. If I had babies, I could teach and convey this Culture to them. I could maintain, elevate and Build.

I advocate and encourage other Original women to learn 120. And if you aren’t getting it, it’s because you don’t want it.