Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Knowledge Culture abbt Power


This morning I was building with another Earth on today’s Supreme Mathematics, and I was struck with how nicely all the Knowledge Culture degrees fit together.

I see today’s Math as the importance of doing the Knowledge to all the Cultures which one exists. And whether this brings Power Now or Ends it is up to your negotiation of said Cultures. Example: I’m righteous, and my home observes the rules and regulations of said Culture, but when I go abroad (14:14), I have to deal in Yacub’s World manifest (14:40). Does it change me? Do I eat the wrong foods (14:36)? No. Do I change it? Maybe. I can only change what I Understand. Since Knowledge is a prerequisite of Understanding then I must Knowledge this external Culture. I’m 3/4th at the Justice. Does my boss, coworkers, or clients approve? Doesn’t matter. I am armed with my job description and the laws concerning what I am allowed to do. I make that work for me so that I am Free to display my Refinement. And hopefully, I’m sparking folks to investigate why I do as I does. I keep my job (Power) and that enables me to continue Building my Nation (N:SA). And there’s my Equality (Power degree:SA).

Short but sweet.