Thursday, September 22, 2011

Old School


This morning I found myself with the strong need to distract myself from this Troy Davis business. I mean a death bed proclamation of innocence… So I decided to peruse something that I knew would have a benign effect on me. This is what I found…. I spent all morning looking at this site.

At first I thought, “I wonder what religion they practice?” that has them dressing so modestly. Even more than this Earth. Then I thought, “What is it these people do that can allow them to live like this?” And finally, and more importantly…. “Why?”

Now I’m cool with the homesteading thing. It is my opinion that we are losing a lot because of technology. Cooking, sewing, people are ignorant of how food gets to the market…. Has all changed because of technology. And we are becoming more and more technologically savvy, but more and more dependant on the same technology that is aiding us. I am an advocate of finding a happy balance. But is the above blog balanced? Is this type of existence something we should aspire to?

I am starting my fall garden this weekend… but I am starting from seedlings… I missed the planting time, sue me! And I bake a lot in the fall. I make rejuvelac in that fall and winter. I bake bread in the fall and the winter. I also plan on getting some chickens. But I use my internet, my car, my HDTV and satellite and whatever till the cows come home. I like to think I’m balanced. My father used to call me old school because I didn’t own a microwave or an electric can opener. Didn’t (and still don’t) want one either.

So tell me how y’all see this. Are you dependant on the external ciphers? Do you do anything that could be considered homesteading?



IU said...

It's strange, but I am probably one of the least religious black people ever and I am strangely drawn to this site. I don't connect to the religious aspect but I love the focus on simple living. The photos are also very calming.

I have to say that I don't find the way they live extreme at all. The young woman does have a blog after all. They can live the way they do because they spend frugally and the parents probably saved up to be able to purchase the cottage. (Also, they won't most likely won't be paying for anyone's higher education.)

I side-eye their religious views a bit but I do that to most religions, lol.

I'm a college student so I'll use that as my excuse for why I'm not homesteading. I would like to have this sort of lifestyle eventually.

On a smaller scale, I'm trying to cook more and pick up small skills like sewing.

There is another blogger I like that maintains this same lifestyle without all of the religious references:

could you ever see yourself living the same lifestyle of the people in either blogs?

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

It is funny that you bring that blog up. I spent the better part of yesterday perusing the very same “Down to Earth” blog. And it was trey interesting! But again…. I don’t see me as the said person of that ability to truly…. Truly… TRULY give up all the conveniences and homestead off the grid. Nope. I respect folks who do. Actually I want my neighbors to go off the grid so when all hell breaks loose, I can go to their rest for dinner!

Flying Mermaid said...

Just peeped the site. I reckon some of it is like me, but with religion, and in clothes.

I'm not all that self-sufficient any more, but do live miles from another person, cook everything from scratch, all organic, have no telephone, and only leave the compound a couple times a month......

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

That sounds self sufficient to me Mermaid....