Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Nu Generation


Yesterday, on my way home, I was waiting at a stop light. I could see two individuals talking in a driveway. I could completely see on and only partially see the other person. I was shocked because I saw, what I thought was a woman standing topless in the drive way. I couldn’t see the head only the shoulders down. There was foliage on the landscape and it was obliterating the head. But this is Atlanta and you should expect to see anything. Turns out it was a dude. But what has stayed with me was how much like a woman his body looked. First thing is he had boobs. And not male boobs, but upturned perky-upturned woman boobs with big nipples. How the hell did he get those? He didn’t have a big stomach. Although, he didn’t have a 6-pack either, his stomach was flat. There was no chest hair on his chest and his arms looked pretty normal. No extra musculature. His pants weren’t tight, nor were they baggy. They were normal jeans. If he didn’t have a beard, I would have probably thought he was a… don’t get offended… lesbian as I drove by. Again this is Atlanta. All this got me thinking, especially with the Chaz Bono drama that is currently unfolding. Men don’t look like men anymore. And women who don’t look particularly like women either.

When was the last time you heard a deep voiced crooner or saw a masculine actor on the tube? Not just the hairy faced-ness women have now a days, but many women seem to have made the conscious decision to man themselves up. There are stereotypical trappings that are applicable to women; hair, nails, makeup, over all “girliness.” And yes, Serenity falls into all that isht. B.U.T…. I despise having to behave like a man. And when I have to, I boo hoo like a bitch in heat. But this generation of women seems to have lost a reverence for feminine qualities while emasculating men. And by men, I mean their children. They do this mentally and physically.

Physically, by feeding them foods that have feminizing side effects. The Girls get over feminized. Their boobs pop out at 7 and they have periods by 9. They have the bodies of a grown woman with the mind of a child. (My niece got her first period at age 8 on Barbie panties and still carrying her teddy bear every place. She was in the 3rd grade.) By the time they catch up, they are juiced out. And mothers put ridiculous responsibilities on these children claiming to be teaching them how to make it without a man. But what they are teaching is man-repulsion 101. Little boys have hips and asses.

Mentally, they don’t to expose these boys to the realities of life but instead create unrealistic environments for these children and wonder why when they’re grown, they don’t/can’t help out around the house, can’t maintain relationships with women, are gay (yes, I’m in the “It can be taught” camp for some folks), and can’t perform the functions of a man. They were never taught to be men.

If we are honest, we have to admit that most Original children now grow up in single-mother homes. It’s a fact, not a myth. So we women have to accept that this fuck-up-it-ness that currently exists is our fault. Why did we choose to procreate under these conditions? There are contraceptives everywhere. And men aren’t bright enough to truly fool us. We always know when something is amiss. Whether to attack or ignore is our choice. Since we have taken this awesome responsibility on, we need to twerk it keeping an eye on the future. We need to seek proper men to mentor our young gods and be good woman examples for them. And we need to teach or young moons to the necessities of the household and how to be righteous Earths. It is not shameful to be domestic. I don’t care how fly you are or how good your Power U is, you can not keep a man with a nasty house and no cooking. We need to show our babies that men and women can cohabitate and or co-parent in peace and BUILD… (for all you computer generated haters don’t mistake what I’m saying. I’m not advocating NOT having fathers in the household. I’m saying if you find yourself in a certain situation; deal in Equality with your cipher.)

I do the knowledge in my own neighborhood. I have a neighbor that lives maybe 30 feet from the bus stop. She drives her son to the stop everyday, no lie. He’s 8. He doesn’t get out and wait for the bus, either. No. Her little angel waits inside the car. This is damn GA. It’s cold only in January and February. And we in a drought right now, so it’s not raining. When the bus comes, he’s not even ready! Another neighbor has no less than 3 male teenagers in his house, and pays a lawn service to cut the grass? Really? I used to cut my OWN grass before the God and I combined realms. He told me that I need to hire his man. WTF? I went off on him and his lazy children. Now we don’t speak. Was I wrong?

My mother taught me to cut grass as well as to keep a home. No punk bitches were allowed to reside in her house; that included the dog. Both my brother and I worked the same tasks; Inside and out. But there was girl time for us and man time for my brother with my father and uncles. And I recognize there are situations where a woman has to step up. But that ain’t her job. Females have their lane. Men have a different one.

Protection. I do not carry the same level of weaponry since the God and I merged. I know he’s got me. And he fixes stuff and kills bugs and lizards. He grounds me, yet keeps me in orbit. I’m a kinder gentler Serenity because of it. He’s a good provider too. You know why he’s so perfect, because he had a good example from his father who manned up for his family, and his mother didn’t feed him a lot of meat as a child.

I want y’all with children and those of y’all with influence over children to be mindful that they are the future. If you don’t teach them well, they can’t lead. They will be led. You need to expose them to all the gritty sides of life. Don’t worry so much about them. Everyone experiences disappointments. That’s how you learn and develop. It’s easier for them to learn how to deal while young. That way they don’t grow up to be serial killers or the like. If they stumble, you can aid them in standing again. Parents should be safety nets not straight jackets. Example: I had a ptj in high school. I found the job on my own and had the responsibility to maintain my grades, get their and manage/budget my own money. There were no allowances given at 594. If you wanted your OWN money you had to earn it. My mother, being an educator herself also insisted that we do extra curricular school activities. She reminded both me and my brother that working was extra, school was required, and college was non-negotiable. B.U.T. she picked me up every night from the job for my own safety. I see folks now a days giving their teenagers, on demand, money for plain foolishness. They don’t have to earn it, they just ask for it and get it. Food, clothing, shelter, medical attention… that’s all parent’s owe you. Anything else should be earned. You are not helping children by indulging them everything that they want. And they will respect you later.

Teach your daughters the whats and hows of preparing food. Seriously, feeding your children fast food every night is not what’s up. Learn how to cook from scratch and prepare weekly meal plans. Teach your boys to maintain your home. Change washers, repairs, wash cars, change furnace filters, change tires, change oil, etc. Teach them how to be respectful to the opposite sex. Teach them how to get along with people of all socioeconomic classes and not just their little circle of people. There are all kinds of people in this world. It puts them at a disadvantage to only know how to deal with one or two. Don’t just consistently give to your children things they haven’t earned or don’t deserve. Teach them both good manners and how to eat in public. Check their homework. Make sure they can read and can reason. Have them read the paper to you and discuss current event s with them so that they can be more confident abroad. Do I have to say daily build on Supreme Mathematics? Get at these babies when they are young and want to please you. Don’t start when they are teenagery and don’t trust anything that comes out of an adult’s mouth. Maybe we can reverse the pure fuckery that we are careening out of control to.

That’s my piece.



Basirah Divine said...

Peace, sista! I no longer live in ATL. I now reside in Washington DC metro area. And let me just tell you, the proclivity for females to adopt this masculine persona abounds here! Every day I see locks, wife-beater, pants saggin'... Then I notice the butt is large and the breasts are bound. And each time I am surprised and saddened. These are HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS. For some it's defense. For some it's an expression of their confusion (sexuality). I am starting to believe that this masculine thing growing among our girls is a result of too many homes without fathers. Too many girls feeling a need to protect — themselves and their mothers. And they are bold to "recruit" new members. Turning other girls out with their tongues... Offering the sensitivity of a woman and the appearance of a man. All of this going on in HIGH SCHOOL! What is gong on with these children?

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I cee that it falls in line with today's degree in the Supreme Mathematics... The devil taught him to eat the wrong foods.

We as a community have to fix this. We have to bring back balance and appropriateness to our own people. Our future rides on this.