Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Feel Some Kind of Way.....


If you have any type of traffic issue in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, you are REQUIRED to go to court. Accident, break light, ticket, you name it. You have to show up and pay your court costs. Clearly this is some kind of income generating scheme. Which leaves me wondering why you have to generate income off the backs of folk? But that’s another build. I was involved in an auto accident. I didn’t cause it, but I did receive damage to my car. I was told by the police officer that if I didn’t show up and be a witness for the prosecution, I would be held in contempt of court and a warrant would be issued for my arrest. Also the case would be thrown out and my insurance would have to pay for my damages. So…. I showed up.

Why? First of all when I got there I found that was a lie. The other person was just entering a plea. It was not the full on trial. Police WILL lie. Law & Order got that part really accurate. I’ll only need to be there if she pleads not guilty. And then they will subpoena me. So I had to take a ½ of day off on some bullshit.

Secondly when I got in the court room, the police in there went out of his way to belittle the people in there. Calling folks criminals to their faces and saying that it’s our own faults for being in there. No talking, eating, drinking or chewing gum allowed in the courtroom. This woman put a cough drop in her mouth after hacking for 15 minutes and was thrown out for eating in the court room.

I was personally attacked. I crochet. I brought in a sweater I’m working on. Last time I was in a court room, I saw them take folks phones and kindles away…. Permanently. Because no electronic devices were allowed in court. Really? Them folks on the dais have computers and that’s okay, right? And I never heard a kindle ring. But I knew nothing was gonna be allowed in there so I took the sweater. Ever since the Brian Nicholas incident, security is off the chain. I wasn’t thinking my crochet hook would be considered a weapon. And it made it through security! I didn’t sneak it in. It, the yarn and the ½ a sweater was in an open bag and slid through security. The in court robo-cop grabbed it out of my hand and said that he should have me arrested for having a “weapon” in court. Really? There was no sign saying it was on the prohibited list. Oh, I sat there for 30 minutes crocheting before he noticed.

I was also attacked by the same… officer… for having a conversation with the prosecutor. The police officer walked out before I started speaking with the ADA, and when he came back in he ran over to me and grabbed me. Telling me I wasn’t allowed to speak in the court room. Did any fucking body in the court room say anything …. At all? Nope. I looked to the ADA who just stared with his mouth open. I called for the public defender who was the only one (including the other po po present) who came to my aid. He told the officer to leave me alone or he would pro bono represent me in the suit against the city.

The thing that pissed me off….. TRULY…. Was this asshole pulled my headwrap off my head because it wasn’t allowed in court. Really? I was completely nonplussed. He did this shit in public and there was a room of people there as witnesses but nobody said a word. Even other cops.

This is why folks don’t like cops. I personally hate them. I have never had a cop protect or serve me in ANY circumstance. I don’t believe it’s possible. I know cops. They always say that they should be respected because they run toward what everyone else runs away from. But that’s a personal choice they made. No one put a gun to their heads and said they had to do this job. And the US is not a country that assigns you a trade. So cops need to handle their business in a different way. Punk assed bitch boys…..

I feel some kind of way about being treated like that yesterday. Yeah…. I’m thinking the Police Athletic League needs to pass me by this year. If they call asking for a donation, I’m a have some choice words for them.