Thursday, October 7, 2010

Y'all Know Me?

Peace People,

I follow a bunch of blogs. I really do. Although, I don't know how to display all the blogs that I follow on the side. But you can look in my profile and see how many. Sewing, cooking, righteous, frisky, yoga... It really let's you know what I'm into.

What is really killing me is how I have gotten into a routine, and become concerned about the blogs I follow. I know what folks are up to and look forward to events in their lives. I know what these people are making, I know how they look, I know where they live, I know a whole lot of intimacies about people I have never met in the physical.

Just this morning I found myself checking a sewing blog of a gay man that lives in the Chelsea section of NYC. I check him EVERYDAY sometime in the morning. He lets us know if he's going to be on vacation or else, I suppose, his followers go crazy. Another blogger is making a coat and has a "sew along." But she blogs every morning and she works as a book editor. Yet another went on a "sewcation" and another's sister had a baby. I know who's losing weight, what they are wearing and what another ate for dinner. Literally, I see pictures. See where I'm going with this?

This has gotten out of hand. I need to show some restraint. Now I know I blog a lot. I have to. I have 7 blogs total and 4 active ones. So my blogging habit is not an issue. I feel like I need to be mindful about what I post. I have so many blogs because I want to keep them compartmentalized. Serenity's Cipher is my main blog, but I approach this one from Supreme Mathematic standpoint. I know that some men read this blog so I try not to female it up.... much. (Hey! I'm a girl) I have a blog concerned about my health, one concerned about the health of the planet and the last one attached to blogspot is one that allows me to vent about my sewing projects and the way I display my Understanding of my Culture (3/4ths). All the blogs can give you insight into who I am.

But do I want y'all all up and through my personal?

At Show and Prove this year, I came to face to face with a blogger that I follw and he follows me right back. When I physically met him, all I kept wondering was, what is he thinking about me? There is so much he could already know. When some one is following your blog, and you blog regularly when you meet, it's not like meeting a stranger. Depending on what you put out there, they know something about you. Same applies for facebook and all the social networks.

So good people, How well do you know me? If you saw me onthe street, woud you know who I was? And not you Mermaid. I know you in the physical!



Flying Mermaid said...

Yeah, but I still get to speak my piece, cuz it's pertinent, being that we knew each other first through our blogs!

And honestly, can you say that the person you met at the crab shack was any different than the person you read? I certainly can't say that of you!

But I think that's as much a statement on who we are and how we write as anything else. Jersey women choking on their own honesty and all.

Pretty much ALL the myriad bloggers I met were exactly who I expected them to be, which, again, probably says something about the honest types I'm drawn to -- I know this has not been the experience of others. (Except for when they met ME, of course.)

The Original Wombman said...

Peace Serenity!

I try to be very honest on my blog but I have been in uncomfortable situations where someone I don't know very well has read something on my blog and therefore knows me in some way that they otherwise couldn't have known me.

This post has made me start re-thinking how much I want to share on my blog. I don't know if I want strangers who meet me in the street to know me at all!

Oh, and I've been thinking about your comment on my post about love and understanding. I would love for you to expound. :)