Thursday, October 7, 2010

Life as You Remember is Over

Peace People.

Folks keep bitching an moaning about this economy. Why are y'all jaw jacking? The economy is going to change. But not to the way you think it might or want it too.

Yes Bush II fucked up this economy by starting unnecessary wars. War has always been a way to thin out the population. You send a million men off to war, at least 1/3 will die in battle. Men comprising half of the poulation you have now decreased substantially. Women who are sexually attached to these men can either move on or choose not to procreate. Women don't always move on. Some lock the front door for good. So a war, historically is good for the economy because it creates a situation where their are less American mouths to feed. And veterans always get to the front of the line when it comes to jobs. That's why they ask you if you are a veteran on applications.

War is different now a days. It's not so much hand to hand combat. There is a lot of bombing and cerebral type activities. The country with the best bombs wins. Look at the wars we have had over the last 20 years. Intelligence and bombing. Our soldiers who died did so over friendly fire, accidents and the occasional foreign bombings. Most of the people who got deployed, came back. Once back they are entitled to the GI bill, and lifelong healthcare. That's not free. Who's paying for that? Yet another bill.

Another thing a lot of people don't realize is that feeding and providing for a military campaign USED to be done in house, but not anymore. The government outsorces cooking, cleaning, toilets and such. who pays the bill? And since these wars are abroad, who are these companies hiring? Not us. I have often wondered why the military decided to do this? I suppose since integration of the armed forces, devils don't want to have to perform these services.

It's not all Bush II's fault. Oh a lot of it is his fault but not all of it. We haven't been financially right and exact since the early 70's. During the Carter presidency, we had inflation and oil issues. We have always had oil issues. Any one could see with the advent of oil use, eventually it would dry up. I mean you don't see folks still mining for gold do you. You know why? It's all gone. Oil will eventually be all drilled out, and then what. How come no one has addressed the "And then whats"? Carter was a caring Christian man and refused to behave ungodly. Can't fault the grafted man for that. He was looking out for all people not just his friends. I find him to be an undervalued former president.

Ronald Wilson Reagan got us back into the flush. Folks was doing good, real good in the 80's. What Reagan did was come up with a way for the rich to get ridiculous. The assumption was as they got richer, then they would create more jobs for the poor and they would be happy too. He set our country up to be a modern day fuedal system. Lords vs. Serfs. But... It couldn't last. Regan knew this. He also knew that he was one of the rich and that he would be dead before the walls came crumbling down.

The only thing notable about Bush I's presidency is that he managed to, while keeping the Reagan ideal alive, to catapult us back into a recession. He figured if he denied it existed no one would notice. Folks noticed. His bumbled war and all around mealyness cost his the election to the robust, young and philandering Bill Clinton. I mean he vomitted on the Japanese prime minister. You just don't come back from that.

Now I loved Bill Clinton (that is until he showed his devil horns when Obama was running against his wife. She should have ran against Bush in 2004)but Clinton screwed us hard up the booty without vaseline too. Oh yeah, we got flush again. Jobs were plentiful but under his watch he allowed big business to outsource their products. That is why when you call customer service, you get a rep with a foreign accent and every garment you wear is sown and created outside the US. ALL the grunt jobs are gone. You know what grunt jobs are. Those jobs you get part time to hold youover until you get back in the green.

Obama has inherited a ticking bomb close to detonation. But he did ask for it so he has to handle his business. I find it hilarious that he has done everything he promised to do in his campaign, yet folks just can't like or accept him. Always looking to find fault with him.

As a country our spending has increased, yet we no longer make anything. Which means we are supporting other countries. The only thing that we have in this country were we generate internal currency is the service industry. In plain speak. The only way we can earn gold is by manipulating each other. That's why healthcare is such a big deal. A huge percent of the economy needs for us to be unhelathy. If we were all healthy then a lot of people would be out of work. We can live without vacations, clothes, hair and nails. We don't have to eat out either. Restaurants know this and the dollar menu was created. The only thing we need is food, clothing, shelter and healthcare. The food is genetically modified and poisioning us and clothing is made elsewhere. So we never get well. It is our original sin.

The reason why the US has been on top is because it was our time. Look at history. There has always been empires. Egypt, Rome, Turks, Mongols, England... an they all eventually fall and another rises to take it's place. What goes up, must come down.... the pendulaum swings both ways.

Companies have cut back, yet produce the same product. Do you think they will ever rehire all those people they let go?

Come on Sun!