Thursday, December 20, 2012

Apocalypse 2012


The Apocalypse is upon us. It should hit exactly 4:12 am mountain standard time. So if you go to sleep and wake up…. You have made it through. I have been making big jokes about this all week and I have been watching end of the world shows. It has been fun. In case you weren’t ware of why the apocalypse is scheduled for tomorrow morning I will drop that bit of science. For the Mayans and a lot of other Native/Original cultures, they marked time using solstices and equinoxes. But let’s look exactly at the solstice and what is currently going on, on this planet…..

I grew up celebrating the solstice. My peeps were different than other peeps. The winter solstice is an astrologic observance not so much a religious holiday. I see no problem with righteous people observing it. It is supposed to be the longest night of the year. After the summer solstice the daylight gets progressively shorter. And now daylight will get progressively longer. If you do a search of how other cultures mark this passing, it’s all about rebirth. The Sun is being reborn to human eyes on this planet. I get that. I can see how folks get a spooky impression. But strip all of that down….

When people are dependant on the land for their lives, they need to mark consistent repeatable events that occur from season to season to tell them when the time is right to plant, to shear their animals, to travel and so forth. Solstices and equinoxes are perfect for that. 4 events mark the 4 seasons. The Sun doesn’t change. And as long as the Earth maintains it’s tilt and it’s 93 million mile distance from the Sun, these events can be scheduled each season. Each season brings its own challenges. But if you know they are coming, you can prepare for them. So there you have the real reason for the season demystified.

Keeping in that vein, let me give you my thoughts on what I have witnessed with my own eyes…. When I was younger, I remember it being dark near Xmas at 5pm. So much in fact, that I had to be in the house before 5pm when He-Man came on. More recently, I remember going to work in the dark and leaving the building in the dark at 5pm. And it was real darkness not the foolishness I saw yesterday. Yesterday at 5:05 pm it was bright outside, real bright. I had time to leave work, drive home, change my clothes and go for a run. I’m thinking it’s not going to get darker between now and this evening. Another thing, over the summer, about a month before the summer solstice, the 7 and I wear traveling and at 5:30 am the sun was up and shining. Not slightly coming up but really up. Now I’m grown enough to know that even with dst the sun should not be shining that brightly at 5:30 am. And I remember the sun setting not after 9 pm. But now the Sun is setting latter than 9 pm in the summer. Almost near 10 pm. To blame that on DST, DST would have to be off 2 hours rather than the hour it is.

Another physical thing I have noticed was that the outdoor trees and plants have become more lush these days. I have finally cultivated a green thumb and I be getting my plant on. So I am good about noticing the differences between indoor/outdoor plants. And these outdoor plants are just going crazy. Trees are getting bigger, leaf size has increased and I’m thinking all this extras sunlight is affecting foliage. Now this is something I have not observed with my own eyes, but I have read news articles that report that trees and plants are growing at higher elevations than they did before. Let me tell you why I find significant….

Global warming is a fact. But it’s also a fact I’m not losing sleep over. Our planet is a big girl who has been spinning on her own axis for 4.5 billion years (despite what republicans say). She can take care of herself. That’s the nature of Nature. Nature is neither wasteful nor cheap. It makes adjustments to exist optimally. Bigger, fuller foliage will manage the ozone problem but providing a bigger filter. Humans want to cut down the Amazon? Forests will pop up in other locations. That’s how life/nature works. Eventually it will become an us against her type scenario. Folks who can’t abide on the planet naturally and peacefully will be expelled in some way. So I’m not super worried about what the future hold for me and mine because we know how to live in harmony with nature. And how to farm and keep animals in a cruelty free environment. We good.

If y’all have been paying attention, we have been having a LOT of significant Earthquakes. These earthquakes are large enough to knock the Earth off her axis. The axis or tilt of the Earth is responsible for the seasons as we know them. So maybe the solstice is not happening when generally scheduled. But we won’t know that unless we are in one of those monuments that mark the event.

So many righteous people shun holidays. I couldn’t be happy without them. It gives me something pleasant to look forward to and it break my year up. Also… and maybe this is because I’m a woman… I like the orderliness, tradition and ritual of having to prepare a celebration for my family. So on this apocalyptic evening, I’m going to enjoy it with the man I love while enjoying some tasty vegan eats. I’m thinking red beans and rice, hoe cakes, fruitcake, egg nog and wine. And we are going to light some candles and get ready for the Sun to grow back.

Peace Family! Enjoy the Holiday!