Thursday, November 18, 2010


Peace Family...

The Holidays are almost upon us. I always have issues on the holidays. They never go right for me. Part of the reason is because I have a severely dysfunctional family. Maybe all families are dysfunctional and I just don't know it. I always seem to spend the holidays with my own people. And frankly, I'm comparing them to the people I see on TV.

There was one Thanksgiving, not too long ago, where in just that one day, I found out that (1) my brother had an illegitamite child, (2) my baby cousin (aged 25) had been in jail, (3) my cousin and her husband were swingers and (4) my father MAY have raped my mother which caused me to be conceived. DAMN. I had the WTF look on my face the whole day. I couldn't take it. I bounced early and drove 4 hours home. My mother was offended because I was supposed to stay with her for the weekend. But I was afraid of what else I was to learn about my people. And I can always tell when my mother has purchased me an expensive gift. She gives me her entire ass to kiss; which I won't, then she takes her gift back. Yeah... the holidays aren't good to me.

This year's holiday will be the 1st spent with the God. I mean we were together last Christmas, but it doesn't really count because no one came but us. And we don't even celebrate Christmas. We went for better homes and gardens. My mother had run all the people away and my religious relatives aren't speaking to me since I let go of Jesus. One of the reasons why folks don't like sharing holiday social equality with my mother is because she is too bossy. She wants to eat dinner at 12, and folks out and her house cleaned up by 4. She doesn't allow folks to take plates, and if you bring people, they better make decent contributions or she will talk hashly about and to them. A good thing about my mother is she takes no shorts and she will give it to you raw. The bad thing is she no longer edits, and you can't stop her.

So those are my experiences, thus far. The thing is I don't know how I as a righteous person feel about Thanksgiving. I know it is not an Original holiday. There aren't any that I can think of off the top of my head that are outside our Nation. And even Nation days aren't celebrated like holidays. I like the getting together of my people, I like the food, and I LOVE that it's a paid holiday. I deserve it, and I ain't giving the money back. But I am not a pilgrim nor am I Native American. I'm not decended from either. So I have no vested interest in the holiday other than getting paid. I can cook food and eat anytime I choose. The God is descended from Native Americans, but he has no real interest or animosity in the holiday either. People have actually said to me that they didn't know that we observed the holiday.


My mother is coming to town. She was invited to spend the holiday with my god-sister. We weren't. But now we are. ***sigh*** SMH.... I'm thinking in the future, the holidays will be a big NO. But the cool part about the holidays is Both Thanksgiving and Christmas fall near the last Sunday of the month. I always strive to have a big dinner after a rally. Big enough to invite folks if we are so inclined. It's a way to celebrate who and what we are. And you just feel good after being amongst the righteous people. That should be celebrated with food! Especially since we don't have any other vices like alcohol and smoking. Here in Allah's Garden, there isn't always food on site at the rallies. I get the fors and I also get the againsts. When there is food we share in it and when there isn't we come home and fill up there.

So hopefully in the future when we have a family, they don't feel so left out of the holiday festivites (not that I will care). We will build with the families and keep it respectful, yet we will always be honest about the science behind things.

So tell me non-Christians and such.... How are y'all planning to negotiate the holidays?