Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving


This holiday and the drama that surrounds it is really irritating my stomach. For some strange reason, I find myself surrounded by a lot of non-traditional people. Jews, Muslims, and so-called conscious people. I am thinking people only think they know what kind of holiday Thanksgiving is. Let me shed some clarity...

Thanksgiving is an American holiday. Not a religious holiday. There are a lot people who are ex patriots from other places. They come here and make this their home. But then refuse to celebrate Thanksgiving because they see it as a religious holiday. It isn't. It is a celebration re-enacting the party they had in 1621. Those Pilgrims came here and would have died had not the Native Americans intervened. That's what the holiday is about. Case Closed.

Now Christians, as usual, put their stank on it. They put their stank on everything here and no one challenges them. But anyone with eyes can see that it is a commemoration of an event near the founding of this country for white people. That does not make it a religious holiday. There is no St. Thanksgiving. There is no baby turkey in a manger. There is no resurrection of pumpkin pie. It's a day with food and football. Thanksgiving is ONLY offensive to Native Americans.

Now... Should you not choose to celebrate it, that's fine. Far be it for me to tell you how to handle your business. But actively and vocally choosing to pass on the day means that you are either Anti-American or a Native American. And the NA's are the ones who brought the turkey to the party. Maybe you have good reason to boycott. But don't give the excuse that it isn't your religion. That's a load of bull.

Enjoy the day off or the time and a half.



The Original Wombman said...

I actually have never heard anyone bow out of celebrating Thanksgiving based on religious beliefs! What religion doesn't encourage giving thanks? Most of the time if folks aren't celebrating it's for political reason . . . you're right . . . if you're not celebrating for "religious" reasons it's kind of like not celebrating the 4th of July.

Flying Mermaid said...

I can perfectly well understand anyone not from this country not celebrating it, even if they now live here, but a RELIGIOUS holiday? What the fuck, never heard that one before!