Friday, November 19, 2010



Within our Nation we always have issues that never really go away. The question of Earths. Mecca. The mythology of the the Father. And how should we interact with the devil. I suppose the reason these issues never really go away is because as time changes the perspective on these issues change. Women are way more liberated and have more options than we did in the late 60's early 70's. As the date of the father's assassination gets further and further away, there won't be folks to bare witness that he actually existed and can give real life testimony to how he did in the physical. And white people.... It is more common now a days for Original people to have shared regular social equality with devils so the perspective is different than when T.H.E.M. authored the degree.

But I ain't the one. I don't trust devils and I do not wish to share my social equality with them. I get enough of them jokers when I am outside of the kingdom. That is something good I learned from my mother. Never to trust the devil. She never willingly invited them into our home. NEVER. But sometimes they would invite themselves. Should that happen, Mommie wasn't overtly blunt and said, "Get the hell out", but they got the message and bounced. She didn't play that and neither do I. My late husband lost his job, not because he did a poor job, but because he bragged on our possessions and lifestyle. Them devils he worked with as much as joked with him when they let him go to the tune of, "Well what are you going to do now?" We had just bought a house!

The Born degree of the 1:14 implies that the devil can be rehabilitated. Hmmm... Rehabilitate is an interesting word. Oxford describes it as restoring effectiveness of normal life by training after illness or imprisonment; or restore privileges or reputation or proper condition. Essentially one that has fallen off (devil) can get restored. And buy falling off, I mean they are as debased as can be imaginable. And there is all kinds of proof that the devil is nasty. All of the rules in the Torah and all the restrictive rules of Islam. And lets not forget they have more WBC's than Original people.The premise behind rehabilitation could lead you to say since they fell off once, what's stopping them from falling off again?

I suppose the devil can labor 35-50 years to TRY to do like the Original man. That way he can come amongst us and we won't kill him as quickly. I think folks misunderstand this degree. WE need to take charge of the process of adjusting these devils so that they can share our social equality. Not just take their words on face value that they are 'cool' with Original people. Devils need to show and prove that they are cleaned up and intend to stay cleaned up before we get all cookie crunch with them.

Later on in the degree it state should they f up the relationship with us, their heads should be taken off by sword. Their heads, not their hands or feet. Not their genitals. Their heads. You know why. Because should someone sever your head from your body, you won't survive that. It is a definitive way to end a relationship. There is no re-attachment or resuscitation. It's over and done with.

I am a self confessed executioner. Should someone piss me off, they are gone. Never to return. I can close a door like no one else. I've have been told that it's the nature of a Scorpio. Oh well. Gone is gone, dead is dead, ex is ex. No backsies. I might relent with my physical fam, but not really. I have relatives that KNOW they can't borrow money or stay in my house.

What kills me is how quickly we allow the devil within our interior and let them in on the secrets. But when they are shown and proven to have revealed the secret, they get off with a light slap. Then the wronged parties remark, "Well they are the devil. Can't be mad with them for being true to their nature." Yes you can! In particularly the ones who you have allowed to come close to the fire. Those jokers need their heads cut off.