Friday, July 22, 2016

To know, to Dare, to Will and to Keep Silent...


The said title refers to a Wiccan phraseology. Don't worry. Serenity ain't about to jump ship. It seems so appropriate to the times in which we are living and jives with 5% ideology that puts knowledge before you act.

I'm thinking about the times we live. There are 2 Americas. White people have come out of their racism closets to be loud and proud. The media would have you believe that half of the country is homosexual. Police brutality have reeked havoc on the Black community and we are told to ignore it. Our politicians are lying to our faces and breaking laws but are still being forced upon us. Folks working square 40 hr/week jobs can't afford to support themselves and families. Education is robbing us by not teaching everyone fairly or costing us our livelihood with student loans. 

We have decided to fight back... But publicly. Meaning, we are organizing and sharing plans via social media. And this is where my problem lies...

How tf are you gonna tell the devil your plan to undermine him and dont think  he's not going to thwart your plans??? If you are going to boycott something... Don't tell them up front. devils know how to handle boycotts. It's not new. It was new in the 50's. Today... Not so much. I support the boycotts but the ones that appeared on my phone rather than discussed on Twitter and Facebook. And really.... Boycotts? Time for innovation. Boycotts, marching and protesting was last century. How about suing the shit out of folks for mistreatment? You probably won't win, but the other party will have anty up for the representation. Supporting Black banks is admirable... But who CONTROLS the federal reserves of which the bank is amenable? I've had the experience of having funds in a Black bank that failed. You lose money. How about coordinated destruction of.... Well I'm a let that one go. The NSA us real and looking at shit. 

My point is this... 1950's & 1960's tactics didn't work then and aren't going to work now. If they did... Then we wouldn't have problems now. We need to come up with new unexpected strategies and.... We need to keep our plans QUIET.

I can Build on anything....