Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Wisdom


Wisdom is defined as actions based on prior Knowledge. As 1 + 1 = 2. If there is a preponderance of Knowledge present that should propel one into activity. Wisom is also the Black woman.

A lot of folks will see that the Black man is synonymous to “1” and the Black woman is synonymous to “2” and think that the Black woman is somehow less than the black man. Think that if it helps you sleep at night. It’s not true. That type of thinking is prevalent in this Nation because there aren’t enough women who truly Understand that this Culture is for them. But that’s not for me to just say and they accept. They must come into Understanding for themselves and then take their own seat at the table. Not wait until it’s granted.

But just as Knowledge is a noun… A person place or thing. Something tangible. Wisdom is a verb…. A word of movement, of activity. And that sounds about right to me….

If you look at most coed organizations, the men are always at the helm. BUT… if there are more women than men that’s when stuff gets done. Men pontificate. Women do. I have never been in a situation where there were men doing more than women.

Look at sororities vs fraternities. Being Greek, I see a lot of what other grad chapters do. They ask for my support in their endeavors and vice versa. There is more going on amongst the grad sororities than the occasional men’s activities. And when men do plan their activities, you can see their women’s hands all over it. I came out in an alpha Phi Alpha cotillion. You think them men planned a cotillion?

I have never been a member of a church pastured by a woman. Women tend to outnumber men in church 20:1. I did once attend a church where the ratio was 50;50. That was an interesting experience. And guess what? That church did NOTHING in the community. Men were in charge of everything and it never occurred to them that they should do something. Now the men took care of things in the church. If they couldn’t fix/build something they threw money at it. But the church had no outreach because the men held the purse strings. All the walls were white too.

It makes sense. Evolutionarily men are hunters, fighters and protectors. And women do the family thing. I was watching brain Games on TV and they showed 3 different shades of red. I saw it, I instantly knew there were all different (they were). The 7 said they were all the same. We are just designed differently. Men don’t have the time for the little nuances that make a family or an organization dedicated to outreach or the social niceties work. It’s like the singular focus men have in the grocery store or mall that I will never Understand. You come in to buy socks or a cantaloupe; that’s what you leave with and nothing else. No browsing, nothing. Neither one is better than the other.

BUT… If you call yourself a community outreach organization, you better have some women who can put the activities in action. And if you say literal babies are your primary focus, then you need to make sure their mothers are on board.