Sunday, October 6, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Equality

Today’s Degree is Equality. The Equality degree in the 1-36 says… “He likes the devil because the devil gives him nothing.” Truer words were never written.

I, as many of us, work for a devil. I strive to not work for devils or in areas where I am the only Original person, but when I applied for this job, he was the only one… And I REALLY don’t want to hear the argument that I should be self employed. That is not an option for most people. If every Original person had their own business, who would work them?..... And my boss is the only one that matters.

He shit on me. I didn’t see it coming, simply because I didn’t think he would. That was my mistake. Let me explain….

I have worked here for 9 ½ years. After working somewhere that long, you get a certain level of comfort. You think that you Know your boss and coworkers. If you are on a job for that long with a person you’re not screwing or related to you MUST be meeting expectations. But this job has never been satisfying to me. The work is mind numbing, the pay barely covers my expenses, it’s a crap shoot if we get paid on time, there is no room for growth, he doesn’t provide health insurance, no 401K and we have to take vacation when he does but… it is familiar, reliable and beats being homeless and broke. I liked my bullshit job because it gives me nothing. I work = I get paid. For the work I do, I am compensated. So he isn’t GIVING me anything.

I decide to take the bull by the horns. No changes in 9 ½ years means none were forthcoming in the next 9 ½ years. I decided to totally change things up and get a NEW vocation. One that will ultimately take me from this office and possibly grant me a better life. But new said vocation will require me to attend school and grad schools require references. I have worked for this devil for nearly 10 years; it would look odd if I didn’t have a reference from him.

This devil writes a reference…. If you could call it that. In 1 paragraph, he states my job description, and then calls me “entertaining.” I admit, I have a jovial side. But I am ALWAYS professional. Oh, and he also sent it late. Had not I already built a rapport with the head of the program I probably would have been denied entry based on that reference.

Now, what could he have said? He could have said in my 9 ½ years I have only taken off 1 day due to illness. He could have said in 9 ½ years I have only been late twice and both those times were due to car accidents and I came to work after each of them. He could have said that I routinely stay late and work through my breaks and lunches without complaint. He could have spoken about the office protocol that I authored, all the programs that I administrate and keep afloat. He could have spoken of the programs that I represent this office to positively. He could have spoken about my professionalism. But all he could say is that I’m entertaining. The Black woman who is the head of the program asked me if I “coon” at this office. I do not.

It was wrong of me to deal in Equality with this devil, because the devil is weak and wicked. Because he is wicked, he is incapable of dealing in Equality only iniquity. I didn’t have to tell him. I have access to his stationary. I could have written that reference myself and had someone else sign it. But I assumed, erroneously, that he would deal in Equality with me. I am not his slave, bound to work for him until he tires of me. I am entitled to get up and grab a career for myself. White people never let you forget they are white.