Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Knowledge Equality


Back when I was a church going Christian, the denomination I was part of had such a thing during the service as the “Affirmation of Faith.” It had to be recited at a scheduled part of service. I went to Catholic school and they recited a very similar version during mass. I assumed all Christian faiths had this as part of their services. But Precise said he never had to recite this as a 7th Day Adventist. Hence the prelude….

The purpose of the Affirmation of Faith was to publicly profess what it was about your faith that you firmly believed. I can’t speak for all Christians but most of the people I knew just blindly recited it without giving much thought to what they were saying. I’m not saying that folks didn’t really believe the words and phrases, but they didn’t think about them as they spoke them every Sunday. I realized this when I was asked in Bible study what did I specifically believed as a Christian. Everyone else gave these flowery vague answers, but when they got to me I recited the “Affirmation of Faith.”

As a righteous person with 120 on cap, I see other righteous people blindly recite degrees. And I get that… to a point. I get that in order to put them on cap and keep them there you must recite them and recite them relatively quick. But you should know what your repping and not just mindlessly parrot degrees. That is what religious people do.

When you get to the Knowledge Equality degree of the 1-40, it is a definition of who we are as 5%ers. When someone asks me, “Who are the 5%ers?” my answer is based on the Knowledge Equality of the 1-40.

When I recite my degrees there are 2 that I change for personal reasons… I change 1:40 and 16:40. But I’m always mindful that I did change them. I don’t teach my changes, but I do share them. When someone asks me to quote one of those degrees I do so slowly to mentally put the degree back in its original form. Traditional folks (who question the Earth’s ability to retain 120) don’t like you messing with their degrees, even if there your degrees too.

The changes I make to 16:40 are similar to the Affirmation of Faith. The AF starts with… “I believe in god the father almighty…” I answer 16:40’s question… “WE are the Poor, righteous teachers…” I speak the entire answer in the 1st person, because that is who we are and what we do. And when I am reciting my degrees to myself, I slow down so that I can reiterate my mission and purpose as Earth in my beloved Nation.