Thursday, October 10, 2013

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Knowledge Cipher


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge Cipher abbt Knowledge. I was at the library this morning dropping something off in the book drop and I had to take me a moment. That’s when this Build was Born.

It is Very important that we pay attention to our surroundings. Not just in the righteous arena but everywhere. I rest in the Bankhead section of Atlanta. If you know anything about Bankhead… you know it’s hood. A man was found dead across the street from our house. We don’t live there because we don’t have other options. I like our house and it’s in is actually a nice area. We did the Knowledge before we moved to that Cipher. Collier Heights was the 1st planned subdivision in Atlanta for Black people. Most of the homes were designed by an Original architect back in the 1930’s.

As it is with devils they manage to juxtapose bad neighborhoods for Original people next to nice ones. It’s how they do. They will put a project next to a college. I wonder why they do this. Probably to lure striving folks to debauchery or remind striving Black folks that they think that are shit. IDK… IDC. It seems that only Black neighborhoods will show you a range of folks on the same block. You might have 2 or 3 bombed out houses sitting next to seriously fly crib with a Benz in the yard. It’s how we do…..

But this morning, while at that library with the sun still not up, As soon as I got out of my truck and took the steps to the drop off, I instantly went to scan mode. Making sure there were no homeless around. Homeless in the hood are a bit more dangerous than outside the hood. They know the cops aren’t coming. They know you aren’t giving them any money. So I am prepared to guard my physical against whatever. I had my knife and pepper spray.

What made me notice was how prepared I was to do something that should have been an after thought. It made me wonder how often I tense up and prepare for drama. I recognize I do this at work. I do this when faced with white people. I do this a lot. I remember reading an article that said that American black folks had higher instance of stokes compared with any other demographic. And I thought, “Wow! These white people are really stressing us out!”

There is nothing wrong with being cautious. Nothing at all. And I advise folks to be more cautious in all the Cipher’s they traverse. But allow yourself a bit of relaxation. And that is only possible with not only Knowledge of Self, but also Knowledge of the people you are with.

Doing the Knowledge to your Cipher only shows you that this is always more Knowledge to be done.