Monday, October 14, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Knowledge Culture


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge Culture abbt Power. Today is also Columbus Day. A day where Italians celebrate their hero, Christopher Columbus. And you know what? I am not mad. In this country, many ethnicities get a day they like to celebrate. Jews have their holidays, Black folks have MLKJr Day-also a federal holiday, and so forth. I would have liked it even more if I had the day off paid! But today is all about acknowledging one’s Culture.

It is so important for folks to Know their own Story (14:36). Not in any religious sense but so they can made logical choices for themselves and their Ciphers. Don’t let yourself be bamboozled by those that stand to profit on your ignorance. I shall a share an embarrassing ignorance that I had.

I really bought into the “Jungle African” thing for a long time. I was a grown married woman before I realized that all of Africa wasn’t jungles, tribes and huts. I had no idea that there where cities that I would recognize as cities where all the people looked like me. Because I didn’t Know that, I looked with disdain on folks from Africa. I even passed up a free trip to Africa. I assumed that when Africans came to the US or wherever they migrated to, it was their 1st time in civilization. No wonder I used to get the side eye from them. But as I learned more about the continent, I started feeling differently about Africans and eventually myself. That makes me a more Powerful person.

I still don’t like being called an African-American though. Not because I don’t like the people or the continent. I’m over that. But because it discounts the 10+ generations of ancestors that were born, lived, worked and died on these shores. The US is as much MY country as it is anyone else’s. since becoming righteous and studying, I would feel comfortable on any of the 196,940,000 miles of the planet I go.

Taking this discombobulated Build back to 120…. The Knowledge of who I am (1:10) and where genetically I descend has helped me to realize and feel better about myself as a member of the Original population (3:10). The devil lost his mental control of me since I realize I am not different than other Original/indigenous populations (7:14). I know who my ownself (14:36) is. And I know who the opposition is (4:10).

That is all… But that is enough.