Sunday, October 27, 2013

Today's Mathemtics: Wisdom God


Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom God abbt Born. The Wisdom God Degree in the 1-40 states… and I am paraphrasing because I don’t like writing whole degrees out in this blog…. The devil was manufactured in Pelan which is the same as Patmos. I Cee this to mean that the devil wasn’t so much manufactured in a place more than he was a mindset.

Yacub and Original Black Man with KOS (7) brought forward (9) the devil through grafting (2). But he didn’t HAVE to do that in Pelan. He could have done that anywhere. He didn’t choose Pelan because it had magical properties. The only properties it had was it was isolated yet close enough to Original civilizations that when it was ready to return and reek their havoc they could. That’s not so different from today.

In this North American wilderness, we have extreme political parties that are really very loud and very public. They spew ideology that is ridiculously skewed in the direction that they think this country should go. Ideology that is completely untrue and easily disputed. But the fact that they are lying doesn’t stop them from spreading their propaganda… and it is believed by many. Do you know there is poll, where 30% of the respondents blamed President Obama for the government’s response in Hurricane Katrina. He wasn’t even a senator then! These right wing conspiracy theorists want creationism to be taught in public schools instead of evolution. Bill Maher depicts it that the republicans put themselves in a bubble and refuse to listen to facts and reason. That bubble is Pelan.

Religious people will flat out tell you to never investigate other religions. To stay away from other religions. To stay away from people who are in other religions. Those religions are Pelan.

Have you ever been in a relationship where people seek to separate you from other folks? That person doesn’t want you to have friends of your own. That person wants you to spend all your time with them and no one else. That person expects all your money and decisions to be run through them before you are allowed to act. That person is Pelan.

The degree also says that Pelan is the same as Patmos. So that would mean that Pelan = Patmos. When you add up the SA for Pealna it borns Culture. Culture is a way of life. A grouping of activities that distinguish a group of people different from another group. When you add up Patmos it Borns Knowledge. Knowledge is information/foundation or the mind. So Culture = Mind. I see that to mean that you don’t have to go anywhere to Born the devilish mindset that leads to the devilish Culture. You can do that in your desk will sipping your morning coffee. You perceive that a particular race of people is causing you problems and instantly the entire way you act towards them changes. And you pass this mindset on to your friends and family. How is that different from what Yacub did?