Sunday, October 13, 2013

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Knowledge Understanding


“What is his own self?” that is a damn good question and the impetus for Today’s Mathematic Build. Knowledge Understanding abbt culture.

When you sing in at the various social network sites, they have a spot called “about you.” They give you 500 words or so to describe everything that you are at least well enough to get people to know enough about you to stay interested. Here is my standard response….

” 3/4th covered with water, 93 million miles from the Sun, 24,896 square miles in circumference, 196,940,000 square miles in area and rotating 1037 1/3 miles per hour on my own axis”

That says about as much about me as I wish to make public. If you speak my language, you know my gender, my orientation, my relationship status, my religious views, my race, my motivations, how I dress, and that I am employed. That is giving you the 1 on me. But you would have to Know about my Culture to interpret what said. You have know all the rules and regulations that were not written in the lessons. You have to Understand me to truly Know me and vice versa. And I would dare say, folks who have known me the longest don’t even Know me like they think they do because they don’t Understand my Culture and what it means to me.

Example: I have told my mother for the last 5 years that I am a 5%er. To her that means I’m a Muslim. Does she Understand me and my Culture? Does she have to? My cousin took on my mother’s erroneous information and told me he didn’t Know other Muslims. I looked at him funny and said I wasn’t a Muslim, but a 5%er. He said, “Oh. I’m sure I don’t Know any other 5%ers.” Then we laughed. His daughter was listening. She said nothing. But she proceeded to Google NGE and ordered a bunch of books I wouldn’t recommend. Then, 8 moths later, she began to ask me questions. We Know have a healthy conversations from time to time with regard to my beloved Nation. Who Knows and Understands me?

So, my point with this Build is just because you are acquainted with me doesn’t mean you Know me.