Thursday, October 17, 2013

Today's Mathematic's: Knowledge God


I’m a just jump into it this morning. I cannot believe that I am on the other side of this. I will let you know I am getting tired. Not of the Building but of the pressure to post something daily….

A Queen (17:SA) is a woman who AcKnowledges (1:SM) that the Black man is God (7:SM). And that’s it. No specific color, religion, orientation, etc. Just because someone calls you a Queen, doesn’t make you an Earth. All Earths are Queens. All Queens are not Earths.

I really feel like I could end here. But I won’t.

I have seen, heard, been involved with many Builds where men want to argue that all women are Earths. I find that insulting. All women are NOT Earths. Earths come with requirements….

1. Earths are ONLY Black/Original. The 1:10 asks who is the Original man. I Cee the term ‘man’ to be an inclusive term like mankind. It was super common, especially when T.H.E.M. was drawing up these answers to use a masculine all encompassing term in that manner. Also the 2:10 firmly describes who the devil is. If your brother fits the description, you do too.

2. Earths follow all the rules, regulations and traditions of this Nation. I know folks call what we do ‘self-styled’ but even in that there are rules. We don’t eat pork. We require all our members to be straight. We don’t do religion. Earths somehow display 3/4ths.

3. A true and living Earth lives out this Culture to the best of her Understanding

4. Earths do NOT have to have children to be Earth. Feel how you want about that. Yes the planet is fertile and in that fertility the planet can bring forth life. But it doesn’t have to if it doesn’t want to.

5. Earths do not have to have a God to be Earth. Nope. She doesn’t. This is why it’s important for Earths to have 120.

A lesbian woman with children is not Earth. Even if she 1 7’s. A white woman is not Earth. She is a devil. She can be a Queen, but still devil. A she devil can birth children by an Original man, she is still a devil. It’s life…. Deal with it. Your mystery god fearing mother is not Earth. Yeah you call her your “old Earth” but ask yourself if that is really an accurate term. She is only your true “Old Earth” if she is righteous. Ask yourself if anybody else would call your mother Earth but you? If the answer is no, then she is not Earth. Your Original girlfriend is not Earth if she doesn’t live out the Culture. If she puts on a head wrap to come to a function with you, but answers to Judy, goes to church, hooches it up at the club on the weekend in 1/4th and still eating pulled pork sandwiches she ain’t Earth.

I don’t buy that let every God decide for himself who Earth is. That is insulting BULLSHIT. Every man doesn’t get to call himself God just because he wants to. Wait… that’s changed now hasn’t it? Y’all can’t stop jay Z from wearing our Universal flag now can you. LOL!!!! Man doesn’t just get to point and click any woman to be Earth.

So if I see a woman at a righteous function, she gets a “Peace Queen” until I can discern if she is in fact Earth. I worked hard to transform myself from 85er to Earth. I’m not just going to bandy the term around improperly.