Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Build/Destroy


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Build/Destroy. I find it interesting that in Everyone’s Supreme Math you find Build/Destroy. Some folks Math has Culture/Freedom, some have Power/Refinement and some have God/Allah. Some don’t. the only combined degree my Math has is Build/Destroy. But everybody has Build/Destroy. Must be because it’s necessary.

Build means adding, Destroy means subtracting. One isn’t better than the other. It’s a matter of perspective. Build may seem like a more preferable attribute. Like Building a house is great, while destroying a house may seem bad. But What about Building debt? Does that sound good? Does destroying debt sound bad? Like I said. It’s a matter of perspective.

What I take from this consistent combined degree is that you are either doing one or the other. You never do nothing.

If you are adding on in your local Cipher; that’s Building. If you are actively working against your local Cipher that is to the people working for Destroying, though you may see it as Building. If you’re standing back in the cut, doing the Knowledge, You are clearly Destroying, because you are not adding on in any capacity.

Destroying is not always bad. In 10:14 there is a discussion of killing 4 devils. I don’t see the destruction of bad habits as something that is bad. In the process of Destroying you Build new more positive traits to take their place.

Build/Destroy is like Yin/Yang, anabolism/catabolism. In the human body tissues have to be Destroyed in order for growth to occur. People must die to make room for new people. It’s a dynamic process that acts on every level of existence.

So as always when you Build on degrees…. Make it applicable to Self. What are you Building and What are you Destroying? And always keep in mind that one lead to the other.