Saturday, October 5, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Power


Today’s Mathematics is Power. Power is the ability to do something. Simple as that. The word has also come to mean something strong and awe inspiring. But if you do the Knowledge to how the word is used, you will see that the word is still used the same way. It is always the ability to do something. I think focus more on the ability vs the thing being done. If you have the Power to lift a pencil vs the Power to lift a motorcycle; you still are doing something… lifting. But the scale is in the ability.

The Power degree in 1:14 asks about taking Jerusalem back from the devil. The Power mentioned in this degree has everything to do about “we” and not the devil. A woman asked me this week when were Black people going to prevail. She didn’t say against who or what. But I assume she meant against the devil and Yacub’s world manifest. My answer is the same for both for individuals as it is for groups…. When we decide to. Simple as that.

The devil does not have Power over anyone. Folks give the devil Power and then he uses it.

I am reading a fiction book that has to do with fairies. What? I can read whatever I want and sometimes I read fantasy romance. G’s and E’s aren’t hard all the time… anyhoo… according to this book, fairies can commit suicide by doing nothing. They can just fade away. I cee that to mean that you can die in estimation if you don’t utilize said Power. If you claim our nation and Culture and no one knows you, nor have you taught anyone, then do you really exist? Let me take it out the righteous realm….

If you beget children (I couldn’t think of a better word) but they never see you, will you have the Power to claim anything parentally from them? I was listening to the radio this morning and LeBron James’ father is a bit salty over being left out of his life. Didn’t Shaq have this same problem? Had these men hadn’t tried to be part of their children’s lives when there was no money in it, now that the babies are balling they expect some love but they don’t exist, because they didn’t DO anything.

What are you doing… or not doing?