Saturday, October 12, 2013

Today's Mathematic's: Knowledge Wisdom


Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Wisdom abbt Understanding. Basically, 1,2,3. Neat and tidy like that. I Cee knowledge as information. I have had Builds with other folks about what exactly Knowledge is. I say it’s information. Other folks say it’s USEFUL information. But information is neither useful or frivolous. It just is. The individual gives it that designation. I have been told that “trick-knowledge” is bad Knowledge. That’s just crazy talk. Let me s&p.

Example: I found out, via the internet, how to make crack from cocaine. I confirmed with some people with that particular expertise to make sure that that it was true… Don’t want to take anything on face value! Now, some would call that frivolous information and perhaps dangerous information. But what happens if I’m on Jeopardy and Alex Trebeck has a category? Not so damn frivolous is it now? I have learned to not judge information. I just take it in. You would be surprised how many times silly information has aided me in my life.

Wisdom is actions rooted in Knowledge. This one does have a qualifier. There is wise action and there is foolishness. And yes some actions can be good or bad depending on the context, but there are some actions that are ALWAYS stupid. Examples: (1) Planking. Planking on a car is stupid. Planking on the floor to improve your core muscles is smart. (2) Religion. Religion is just always bad. I am not a person who can do something without a reason. In religion you do a lot without answers because that’s the essence of religion. Faith. Faith is moving forward without prior Knowledge; sometimes none at all. Sometimes it works out for you, sometimes it doesn’t.

I admit there are times that I have, “Stepped out on Faith.” Even since having 1’ed 120. It is something that you have to do sometimes. I have showed up at strange car repair places with no money and have gotten serviced. I paid them back but they weren’t guaranteed of that. They didn’t know me like I didn’t know them. But that isn’t how I normally work in life. I tend to move with some type of information on board. How many people have you witnessed just pack up and move to a new location where they don’t already have a job and they don’t know anybody? I have. I’m certain you have too. But I don’t’ drive around without a destination; the instances of me doing are usually born out of desperation. Doing something without a reason is the true definition of trick-knowledge.

Today’s degree in the 1-40 asks, “Why doesn’t the devil teach that?” And it is a legitimate question in this Build’s line of thinking. Why doesn’t the devil teach that religion is unfounded? And the answer in that degree answers it. Folks have a vested interest in telling you what to do but not telling you why. And when but that hook, line and sinker, they got you.