Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Born


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Born. Born means bring into existence.

I don’t have children. I probably won’t have any. I have made my Peace with that. Things happened. But does that mean that my life is barren? Absolutely not. Because I bring forth much.

I have guided women to and in this Culture.

I do the work that is necessary within my personal Ciphers and my Nation.

I have many hobbies that keep me active.

I keep adding on to my abilities. I have 2 degrees and am currently training to be a midwife.

I and my 7 maintain a functional, satisfying and downright fun relationship.

I have a full and happy life.

I Birth a lot.

For some reason women have internalized that their lives are failures if they don’t Birth children. I disagree with that. There are a shitload of women who have children and cannot or will not care for them. That does not make them the Supreme pentacle of womanhood. Plus I daresay the majority of women who get pregnant, didn’t do so on purpose…

I have a coworker who “accidentally” had a daughter. She said the child ruined her life. Because she could have been so much more if she hadn’t gotten pregnant. She said because of the child she couldn’t finish high school and go on to college. So she ended up on assistance and proceeded to live a savage life until she found white Jesus. And somehow white Jesus convinced her to clean herself up and change her life. OK. I have questions about the validity of her ‘story’ because e I know how old she is and how old her daughter is. She would have been 21 when she birthed said child. And if you are still in high school at 21, you weren’t going to college…. And abortion has been legal since 1971. But this woman blames that child for her life. That child is now 22 in college and does everything in her Power to keep from coming home. That little girl will be successful. She is smart and went to college on a full HOPE ride. All her mother gave her was a place to live and guilt. Trust me that child will get a job, on her feet and my coworker will never see her again.

I have known a few women in this Nation desperate to procreate. And I get that desire. It’s what keeps the species going. But I have often wondered if that desire is true or stems from the people in their lives telling them that it is their duty. It’s not a duty. It’s a choice. Women are some of the biggest advocates that OTHER women should have children. Why? It’s no one’s business what folks choose to do with their uteruses and lives. Don’t be forced into thinking that you MUST have children… that you are less of a woman and not a True Earth if you don’t.

And don’t let folks force their children on you either. People think that if you don’t have children there is something wrong with you and you will feel comforted with their children. That’s crazy talk right there. Think about it this way… If you were in fact desperate to have a child, and these folks drop their kids off in your lap, what’s stopping you from abs combing with their kids? It’s not anyone’s responsibility to love children other than the parents. It’s actually creepy. I’m not saying I don’t like other people’s children, but I feel no responsibility whatsoever for them. That doesn’t mean I won’t tell you if I see something amiss, or even try to pull them back if they get to close to the street. But I’m not doing anything I don’t want to just because they are children. I visit, I’m out.

I’m not knocking motherhood, but just because one doesn’t breed, doesn’t mean she is a bad person and has no function in this Nation. A Mother OF Civilization is not necessarily a Mother TO a Civilization.