Monday, October 7, 2013

Today's Mathematics: God


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is God. It’s the only degree that is the same in the Supreme Math as well as the Supreme Alphabet. I have heard that women should never apply the God degree to themselves. I Cee God to be a Supreme being. Cannot the Earth be a Supreme being? I am the Supremest Earth I Know! I am the Earth I Know best. And… My line number is 7. Oh I’m all over this coordinate!

I have some questions….
7:10 Do only Gods live on the 23 million miles of Useful Land??? If that is true, y’all can have it because it probably smells like sweat socks and the only food served is pizza
7:36 You probably thinking that I am asking questions that have already been answered.
7:14 Why Do you want to set me apart from my righteous brothers? We are different but our goals are the same.
7:40 Do I not have my own work to accomplish? Why are you thinking I want to do yours too?
7:AF Is my only function to climb Mt Everest and then provide God degree?
7:SF You probably think I am just crazy like Uranus… Rotating backwards and sideways… But nope I’m just being me.

Not all Builds have to be mean and super serious. Humor can still be thought provoking. But I am serious. I am NOT god, but I can still aspire to be my best self. And because of that, this Earth owns the God degree!