Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Knowledge


I hear women of this nation complain that they don’t see themselves in Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet and 120. Now I might have Built on this before but it bares repeating…..

Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge. Knowledge is the foundation of everything in existence. It is also the Black man who is the foundation of a family the way the sun is the foundation of the solar system. Do I see myself in this degree? You damn skippy!

Who is the Original Man? Well, who is the Original woman? If it is important for the Original man to have Knowledge of Self then it is equally important for the Original woman to have Knowledge of herself. And that is why it is answered the Asiatic Black man or in my case, woman. ***And this is an aside for some of y’all…. I don’t do white earths. They are She-devils. The white woman is NOT Earth no matter how you science it up. You got a problem with that? Then we will build on it like civilized men and women do.***

The maker the owner the cream of the planet Earth…. I cee this to mean the 3 different familial phases. Men and women can only have family relationships with each other. Because in order to generate a family, you have to have all the parts. Maker refers to father and the childhood phase. Owner refers to Husband/consort and that is the relationship phase. Cream refers to children and that is the motherhood phase. I have searched…. But it seems once a woman goes into mother phase, she stays there forever. IDK….

Father of civilization = Mother of civilization. I take this to be the responsibility that one has to the community. We have a duty to teach this culture once we have been taught. And that can take many forms. It can be to your children, students, politics, blogging, etc. Being a Mother OF Civilization is not necessarily being a Mother TO a civilization. Our Role in this Nation goes beyond breeding and feeding. But it is up to each woman to come to that realization for herself. I can say it all until I’m purple in the face, but that does not mean people truly Understand. I have noticed that it can get on folks but not in folks. See why the correct preposition is important?

God of the Universe = Earth in this Universe. There is only 1 Earth. Oh folks have their theories about life on other planets, but the only planet that we KNOW there is life on, and in a way that is useful to humans is this one. So until something else is shown and proven, the Earth is EVERYTHING to everything on it. That includes men. Men and women don’t serve the same function, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t Equal and that one role is more important than the other. If the Sun does extinguish, does that necessarily mean the Earth will perish. Yes life as we know it would be over but the Earth wouldn’t necessarily go poof. There would be a rock out there floating. See where I’m going with this metaphor?

So in a nutshell, this degree means to me, that a/n God/Earth needs to 1st Know who they are, then define their relationships with their families before moving on to the community and the planet.



Precise said...

When the Sun goes supernova the Earth will be vaporized.