Saturday, October 19, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Knowledge Born


Today's Mathematics is Knowledge Born abbt Knowledge. A popular turn of phrase in my Nation is "to make Knowledge Born." Which means to tell someone something they don't Know.

19:36 Asks about Original Muslims. The way I got the 1-36 in my current incarnation (because in my last I got it differently), it was my 1st lesson set where the term "Muslim" was introduced. Yes, 120 is an updated version of NOI's Supreme Wisdom. And NOIs are Muslims. But I see the word "Muslim" to be a generic term for religious people.

So if you tell me you adhere to the belief of a mystery go, to me your a Muslim. Christians are Muslims. Hindus are Muslims. Jews are Muslims. Santarians are Muslims and so on. The 1-10 states the definition of who is Original and who isn't. So Original Muslims are indigenous people...folks that aren't devils, who follow the teachings that include mystery gods are Original Muslims.

Just thought I'd share with you something you might not know.