Friday, October 4, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Culture


As I was going through my degrees, something jumped out that had never occurred to me before. The Culture degree of the 1:14 asked, “Why did we run Yacub and his made devil from the root of civilization…..” It just occurred to me that Yacub could NOT have been with them! So why does the degree say that?

According to 22:40 Yacub was 6 when he came up with his idea to make devil. That’s not old enough to move on it. I assume he was a grown man before he got to work on things…. But children can be remarkable. So I’m going to give it age 6 for when Yacub actually started his 28:40 program to make devil. And 25:40 says it took 600 years. So In order for 4:14 to be accurate, the youngest Yacub could have been was 606 years old! Ah….. no. So what are they taking about?

Religious people keep the names and ideas of their deities with them at all times. Christians are always talking about Jesus this and Jesus that. Take the name of Jesus with you. What would Jesus do? Jews speak on Moses like they met him last week. And Muslims Speak on Mohammed like he was their uncle. And those jokers are ANCIENT! But look even closer…. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad only returned to the essence in 1975. That was almost 40 years ago, but folks act like he is around here walking and talking. And the same goes for Allah. Yeah, I said it. Allah has been dead 40+ years.

And that is the Culture of religion. Nothing is wrong with remembering where you come from. But to make everything that a person… and they are all people… does something that should be adored and edified is making that person a god and creating religion. Yacub had developed a system of ways and actions that he did not explain to his followers. Yet they still followed. Even after he was dead, they continued to follow his orders. And when they got off that island, 27:40, they brought his name with them. So when it asked about Yacub and his made devil, you know the what’s and how’s behind what they are talking about.

Ask yourself if you are part of my beloved nation if you are being “religious” with our Culture. If you do things without Understanding. Or if “doing the Knowledge” is something that you adhere to daily.

If you are NOT part of my Nation, ask yourself if “faith” is more important than proof.