Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Wisdom Understanding


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Understanding abbt Power.

The path to Power coming in many forms. And one of those forms is from Working from a point of Understanding.

It may seem like I’m beating a dead horse. But there are soooooo many people who are zombies. They act without Knowledge or Understanding. I cannot impress upon you how ridiculously foul that is. These are the people who you see doing a job the same way every time. And should something come up where they have to think and figure out an alternative… they can’t. Because they never Understood why they were doing something in the first place. And that is dangerous…

If you are in the car with a driver and that driver doesn’t understand how the traffic patterns work, you will get lost if there is a detour. Say you are meeting a plane and miss it because of the driver’s lack of Understanding? Now that costs you money.

I applied for a job where the minimal requirement was for a master’s degree. I have a doctorate but no master’s. Y’all know a doctorate is better, right? But the chick who was doing the sorting didn’t Understand that my doctorate trumped a master’s. She sent me a rejection letter based on my not having a masters. Me being, well me, called the facility pissed and looking for an answer. She kept giving me the speech like I was thick in the head. Finally I went over her head and spoke with her supervisor who Understood why I was pissed, and told me that he would explain to the sorter the difference. The job had been filled at that point but I missed an opportunity because of another’s lack of Understanding while performing an action.

What happens if a surgeon does this? I bear witness that is more than possible. I have seen doctors misdiagnose patients with colds when they actually had cancer. By the time the cancer was caught it was too late to treat. That’s some bullshit when you are told repeatedly that you have a cold or maybe bronchitis when in actuality you have lung cancer.

So it behooves us as civilized people to make sure that we act in Understanding. Because it is not fair to screw up someone else’s life.