Thursday, October 24, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Wisdom Culture


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Culture abbt to Equality.

The 24:36 says “they were made blind deaf and dumb when they were babies” or something like that. You know how I feel about quoting degrees in a forum like this. You have to ask yourself is it real or is it Memorex….

Making someone blind, deaf and dumb is an action or activity. I am hesitant to call it Wisdom because it’s not necessarily Wise. And the way we use Wisdom implies that the actions are Wise.

People can fall victim to foolishness is they continue to accept the okeydoke.

We as Black people struggle with our identity because we don’t have one… per se. We are not African, we don’t get to be Americans like white people do. Our history essentially starts when we arrived in this wilderness. So when you see that our new Culture began around 500 years ago compared to people who have thousands upon thousands of years of history, that makes us (US Black people) Culturally babies does it not? We have no Culture outside of what we have defined for ourselves. That’s disturbing.

“African-Americans” as it popularly today to call us (we can’t even keep a consistent designation) are a sub-Culture within the major US Culture. We do things differently than the devil. The thing that is hilarious is Black folks Know all about the devil’s Culture, but they know little or nothing about ours. In 2013, devils should be well aware that Black people don’t wash their hair every day. We hold our mother’s sacred. We Know potato salad is supposed to have mustard in it. We Know what "the look" means. We Know the date and meaning of Juneteenth. We Know what and how to do the 'Holy Ghost' dance. We find a jokes about posters with MLK, Jesus and Kennedy funny, when devils have no clue. Our men Know how to do the handshake. And all of us Know how serious it is when a Black woman gets her hair done. We Know at Black funerals to be prepared for jumpers and shocking announcements. We know family is family because we say so, and we get what ‘soul’ is. But all that is recent and not ancestral.

When you do the knowledge to other ports where slave ships dropped off our people… because African enslavement occurred wherever there where devils, with the exception of Russia. Go figure…. There is a difference in American slavery vs. slavery elsewhere. In the US, slaves were stripped of their Cultural identity and indoctrinated with the devils culture, as it is. I suppose they intended to keep us. It is cheaper to breed than replace. In other countries they planned to work slaves until they dropped and died so they didn’t really care if they kept any of their cultural identities. Therefore they were allowed to worship, dress, birth, die in their own way. I am still figuring out how I feel about this. South American original People have a closer relationship to Africa than North American Original people. It is reflected in their traditions, religion, food, clothing, etc.

When AA try to emulate other countries… and we do it all the time… we are met with derision and scorn. They know we are faking the funk. When we wear African printed clothing we get the fish-eye from Africans. They Know we have no clue. We go amongst Latinos, and some of us can speak the language, we get quickly told that we are interloping. It’s hard to be without an ancestral link to the past. It’s kind of like tossing a fishing pole over the side of a boat into the ocean. You might catch something, but what do you do with the fish?

North American Black people did retain small amounts. But you have to search to see it. I am currently studying to be a midwife and the program I chose honors the earliest of traditions from Original ancestors. This is one of many reasons why I chose this particular program. The director has encouraged us to study birthing traditions of other cultures and religious and of course, me being the pro-Black person I am, chose Original Cultures. I have seen so many similarities across the Diaspora that the only way to science it up is Cultural memory. And these traditions are 180o different from what the devil does in the same situation. It’s sobering.

I guess the purpose of my Build is to say that even though I lament the loss of a Culture that is my ancestral right, I can find a bit of comfort that many of the traditions are still here, though hidden. And that I have a semblance of Equality to other Original people on this planet.