Thursday, October 3, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Understanding


We as a nation do not have very many hard and fast rules that we ALL agree upon. I have even heard arguments of the Gods on why eating pork is not really all that bad… SMDH! But not living up to your full potential or falling into savagery is all stems from lack of Understanding.

There is a God in my local Cipher who has spent his fair share (and a few others) of time in prison. He stated at a parliament that there are men from the NOI in prison. But they usually get converted in prison and when they are through with their bid, they don’t come back. Unlike many gods who have KOS, and don’t seem to know what to do with it. There are Gods who don’t take care of their children for whatever reason. There are some so called Gods that beat their women to death and molest children.

There are a lot of angry Facebook 85 women who have nothing good to say about the Gods. And when confronted with a good God, they refuse to believe (because that’s what 85ers do) that they are true and living. These negative are not just for the Gods. Earths are capable of grimy behavior too. I bare witness that there are able bodied Earths who refuse gainful employment so they can chill on assistance. I have seen Earths lie on the parentage of their children. I have seen Earths steal money from the coffers of the NGE and I have seen Earths partner with their grimy 10% so called Gods to defraud our people. With almost 30 years on the periphery of this nation I have seen a lot. But you expect people who claim to be righteous to live so much better? Lacks in the perceived integrity and lifestyle is do to a lack of Understanding on both parts.

Understanding is popularly defined as a clear picture in one’s mind in the presence of Knowledge and Wisdom. Knowledge is the information and Wisdom is the practice. So what that definition mean if you have some information and you’ve done it a few times you should Understand the intricacies of a situation. That thought right there is pure swine. Just because someone has some information and is doing something doesn’t mean they Understand. When I was 16 ½ I had taken my written test and gotten my permit to drive. All I needed to do was drive right? No. I mean I had seen all the movies, read the books and observed my parents driving. I should have complete Understanding at this point. No. I hit more doors, fire hydrants and drove in oncoming traffic. My mother ended up on valium. No one else would teach me to drive. I eventually ended up at Taggert, but totaled that car on my 1st road test. See? Absolutely no Understand of how to drive even though I had Knowledge and Wisdom on board.

Folks can and do fake the funk for many reasons. A lot of so called G’s and E’s like the revolutionary status that being a part of this nation imparts. They would have been happy as Moors and Panthers but they came here 1st. A lot of us were looking for someone or something to latch onto so that we’d have brothers and sisters. But you know as well as I do just because someone comes in the name, doesn’t mean s/he is getting keys to my castle. Some folks just like our names and do the bare minimum to keep their NGE cards active. They either don’t Understand this Culture or…. Understand it enough to not add on. But those of us with true Understanding should constantly keep our 3rd eye open for the pretenders in efforts to not get gaffled.

If you want to know if folks have true Understanding, look at how they live and the situations going on in their lives. I’m NOT saying that we all need to be rich and uber successful. But everything we do ought to make sense because that is what civilized people do. We should be in chronic teaching mode. And there is nothing wrong with making mistakes, but we should learn from said mistakes so that growth and development takes place

“It’s Queen to make it funny.”