Friday, October 18, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Knowledge Build/Destroy


Today's Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge Build/Destroy abbt Born.

Today's degree in the meat asks, What is the duty of a civilized person. The answer is teaching the savage what we already Know. Our duty is to the savage. Those who have lost all KOS and living a beast way of life. So who exactly is that?

I have the Cee that I only teach a certain demographic. Some folks teach everybody ala 2:14. My 2:14 says that teach 1 and 2 to human families of the planet Earth. Some folks I don't consider human.
Loss of humanity is possible. Serial killers have lost humanity. People who rob old people of their life savings have lost their humanity. 10%ers have lost their humanity. People who purposefully spread HIV have lost their humanity and so on. Then there are some people who have NEVER been human. I don't feel the need to share my Knowledge and Wisdom with these people.

Some folks say they teach everybody so that that person can have a ripple effect in the world as a whole. That by civilizing devils they become something else. How can that be possible? Devils can't be civilized. That's not his ownself.

Yes I have had occasions in my life where the devil has done me a solid. Even for no apparent reason. But even the kindest and friendliest of devils have ALWAYS reminded me that they are just that...

I had a good she-devil friend in grad school who went all out for me when I was threatened to have to repeat a year. She made it possible that I continued with my class... Then she refused to come to my wedding because it was in a Black neighborhood. I had a devil I didn't know pull behind me and protect me from oncoming traffic when I was stranded in the middle of the interstate and stay with me until the tow truck came... He also followed me to my house and demand that I have sex with him. My boss.... betrays me daily. I took a class where I was one of 3 Black student, but I was the darkest and the one who was just truly about the class. I was the only one (out of all the students, Black and white) to pay for the class in full up front. I was asked to leave because the 30 white people in attendance didn't feel safe around me. Did I had a weapon? no. Did I threaten these devils in their own neighborhood? No. Was I disruptive? No. Did I fail tests and no t turn in assignments? Hell no. And I was promised my gold back, but you already know I 'm still waiting. And my experiences go all the way back to childhood. I was playing with children of my mother who called me nigger to my face. Not to be mean; just very matter of factly.

It ain't in them to be civilized.

Does that make me wrong? It's not really my issue since I don't care. Why would the Earth care to cast pearls before swine?