Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This Present History or Koran

Peace People,

I was building with this dude who came into the office today. He and I have history. Not romantic, but platonic. Last year he was a vegetarian for 3 months. You have to start somewhere. But he is a single man and it was hard for him to maintain, being a single and working all the time. Now he is back on his meat grind complete with the swine. He asked me how I managed to maintain so long and I had to laugh. If all I was a vegetarian then maybe I could see me having difficulty. I thought I should blog about it.

But then... Which blog to post it? The healthy blog? The righteous blog? The sewing blog? The socially responsible blog? All my blogs have different readers. So..... I'll hit y'all all up!

This is Serenity.... At this present history or Koran.

(1) I am a decade long vegetarian. I go in and out with veganism and raw food. I really don't think for me raw food is sustainable for long term consumption. I think it's better in the summer months than in the cooler ones. For one reason, I can't eat cold food in cold weather and vice versa. The way around that is in heated environments. I think I would like to be more raw and vegan, but cheese is a tricky dicky temptation. We shall see

(2) I don't wear pants. I stopped wearing pants 5 years ago. I felt like my feminine energy was being suppressed. I force myself to be more lady like by wearing skirts and dresses. And by George, it works. I am very lady like now. It has affected the way I walk and sit. That has in turn affected my mannerisms which in turn has affected my speech

(3) I rarely buy clothes new. I completed a year-long shopping fast, now I turn to the thrift store or better yet, my sewing machine for new clothes needs.

(4) I don't take medicine unless I see no other way, like I'd die without it. that extends to most vitamins. I rather get the nutrients through food or teas.

(5) I do most of my shopping for food at health food stores, farmers markets and specialty stores. Other stuff I need, I get from cheapo stores like Big lot or Maxway

(6) I recycle, re-use, and repurpose. So that means I don't buy plastic that I cannot reuse over and over and over and over.... I'm trying to do my part to save the planet. Not because I think the planet is incapable of saving herself, but people need to live in harmony with their surroundings and acknowledge that we have a responsibility to be good stewards of nature.

(7) I like to ball and have a balling cee on things. I can be that fabulous fly assed hippy Earth.

(8) No children. And I'm okay with that. If they come fine, if they don't that's fine too.

(9) I do yoga. Not as much as I'd like to because it's cold and I hate leaving the house when it's cold, but I'm going to get back there.

(10) I try not to wear anything but natural fibers. Everything else irritates my eczema. Unfortunately I have never seen a cotton bra. And I draw the line at making or thrifting lingerie. That gets store bought.

(11) I study all forms of spirituality. I really have a true affection for Hoodoo/Rootwork/Conjure. Since I'm righteous and don't fear retribution of a mystery god, I will do stuff just for fun. It's a hobby, I have been at if for years, months and days. You scared?

(12) My hair is loced. It took a minute for me to like it , but now I'm hooked and recommend it. Since I always wear a headwrap, I don't style it. I still love it though

(13) I really go all out with the 3/4ths thing. I rarely leave the house with out my head wrapped. If I do, it's by accident. Some chicks have asked to see my hair..... Why? Doesn't matter to me if your righteous or not, if your male or female.... I just don't show it. Eventually, my hair might be too long to keep from being wrapped fully. Wait on that day.

(14) I have a real bad temper. The dangerous part in that, is people think I'm a punk bitch. SMH. They usually try me and get more than they bargained for. I have no boundaries when fighting. I have been trying to reign it in since my father died. Daddy would never leave his baby girl to rot in jail. My mother, on the other hand, would.

(15) I used to smoke and drink. Not anymore. I stopped smoking because my father died from lung cancer. I stopped drinking because I didn't want to be drunk again. And I don't see the purpose of drinking if your not going to get your head smashed.

(16) I really get annoyed with people who say "I could be a vegetarian" or "I could be righteous." If you could be, and don't, clearly you can't. Stop claiming it.

(17) I'm a big girl and I'm not ashamed or apologetic. I'm big, Yes. But I bet I look better than the average thin chick on ANY given day.

(18) I suppose I'm conceited too. I don't care.

(19) I got this thing for vintage. Vintage clothes. Vintage recipes. Vintage activities. i have NO idea where this interest comes from and I'm just as shocked as folks around me.

(20) I won't buy a foreign car. New or old. I just can't bring myself to do it. I have had 4 cars in my adult life (1 in my adolescent life) and all of them were American made cars. It's just how I get down. And I have never had the drama folks put on American cars. Ain't like people who drive foreign cars never have problems with them. You have to car for them properly.

(21) I love my Nation so much! But I'm not a revolutionary. My cee on this Nation is it's a personal journey for each individual. I don't have to put myself out there and force folks to my side of the street. But I allow myself to be just visible enough for people to build with me if they choose. But I ain't running out to save the world.

I am a completely different person than I was 10 years ago. I expect to be a completely different person in 10 years so I'll be in the constant state of build and destroy. I'm actually looking forward to the new developments.



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