Friday, December 19, 2008

Today's Mathematics: Knowledge Born abbt Knowledge

What is my knowledge borning? In my own life? In Allah’s nation? I usually like to think of the phrase as making the unknown known. But I ain’t feeling that this afternoon.

I have plans and ambitions for my seeds. But that’s all a moot point since I don’t have seeds. Planning is always good. People who fail to plan, plan to fail. So borning in my sphere does not bear witness to the womb. The only thing left is mentally through Allah’s mathematics.

Lately I have been building with a God that asked me what is my contribution to this nation. That gave me pause for thought. As a toddler in this nation, I am very focused on getting my lessons. I am even slipping into “I can do it myself” mode. But I am not at all concerned at this point with what I can do. Hmmmm? Maybe I need to rethink that.

I got skills already that I would not mind sharing with the collective. I’m done (for real) with school, I have experiences that I can add on with. I sew, quilt, crochet, cook, bake, uncook, anally clean, have 1 on dentistry, natural health and I sing. I can and am willing to share what I know. But for real, I have come in contact with people who discount anything that you have/do if your pedigree ain’t right. So what I’m new! Does this mean that everything I learned before has no current bearing? Example: I know how to quilt, learned how to quilt from my ancestor Earths, and have made more than a few quilts. Why do I have to give references to prove that I know how to do this? I can show and prove this ability, but still get the fisheyes from chicks who have no clue what a square is. I don’t have a problem discussing my background. I do have a problem with being interrogated.

The above was adding on with Earths. Adding on with Gods is different and tricky. Gods adding on with Gods means that they are being social. But when Gods and Earths add on together…. It can be nice, it can be nasty, it can be mutually beneficial…. But it is always tricky. Gods argue this point to me at nauseum, but I refuse to believe that men and women cannot have a purely platonic working relationship. Gods seem to differ with me on that. And that’s peace. But it’s scary too; because I may know/have something that I can share other than my body and bank account. I know some stuff, damn it! And no I am not trying to be God. I don’t subscribe to that. I don’t even like it when folks be wanting to refer to women as Goddesses.

Now adding on with the Nation is different. But I’d still have to work with Gods and Earth’s proper. Hmmm…. This made more sense when I was getting started. The bottom line is I want to contribute my service, but find it hard to find my place.