Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Today's Mathematics: Wisdom Culture/Freedom abbt Equality

Today is Christmas Eve. This is my 1st time not celebrating Christmas. I’m moderately bummed about it. I like Christmas. But I do not adhere to the belief of a mystery god; therefore have to give up that ghost (pun intended). Wisdom is wise words and actions of Original individuals. And Culture/Freedom refers to our lifestyle and just being mentally free of BS. (Forgive me for paraphrasing) So as much as I love this time of year because of the holiday, I have to man up and stand on my square and say…. I don’t celebrate Christmas.

The action of not celebrating Christmas this year has been the cause of much meditation for me. Probably more so than others that don’t observe. I have been very careful not to demonstrate the outer trappings of a religious holiday. I loved the singing and the carols. This time of year I like going to church and seeing the decorations. I like decorating my own queendom. Then I found myself considering whether or not it would be apropos to incorporate the secular aspects of the holiday in my cipher. I’m still on the fence about that. Clearly this needs more consideration. It’s hard to ask others how they negotiate around things. I’m convinced that most Black people are paranoid. And when you start asking questions, no matter how innocently you mean them, they start shutting down on you. And got the nerve to get aggressive to boot!

We have everything we need within our culture. We have our observances and celebrations. We know better than to buy into this wilderness’ foolishness and devilshment. But I ain’t lying when I say that even though BS kills us as a people…. It can be quite enjoyable. But is that ‘fun’ worth what it does to us as a people, as a Nation? And even though I don’t celebrate this so-called holiday, I’m still going to take the best part. I’m going to take a paid holiday and the time off. I’m going to partake of the sales (so to speak). And I plan to visit with my family.

B.U.T. when all is said and done, you have to be able to live a life on you own terms and according to your own system. And that is my Equality.