Monday, December 22, 2008

Today's Mathematics: Wisdom Wisdom abbt Culture/Freedom

2- Wisdom -is the wise words spoken by the black man, black woman and black child. Wisdom is the black woman who is the moon, because she receives her light from the sun which is the black man and reflects it on to the star which is the black child. Wisdom is the manifestation of one's knowledge.

4- Culture/Freedom is one’s way of living, meaning one’s language (wisdom) and customs (ways and actions). The Original Man’s culture is Islam: freedom, justice, and equality, which is peace. Free to practice one's own culture, which is Islam. Without conflict.

A friend of mine said that today was a sister’s day because the manifestation of 2 represents woman. I like that. Since every month has a 22nd, I’m going to take it as a personal day!

But back to the manifestation…. I cee today’s math as being we should take care of the words that we Earths utter to each other. At a previous gathering of women I attended, there was another Earth present who has all kinds of animosity towards me. And I knew it, though I don’t know why. (Nor do I care) But every time I made a suggestion or offered support, she slammed me. Now other Earth’s in attendance witnessed the drama but did little to counteract it. I can understand why. They don’t want to get involved with something that’s not their business. I probably would do the same thing. But I wanted to get things on track. And being the older of the pair, I waited until we were breaking and asked her why she felt so strongly against me. She said she thought that I though too much of myself. I agreed with her. I do, but that’s me. I’m too old and unwilling to change is how I explained it to her. But the truth of the matter is I am very confident and I recognize that that can offend the less confident. So I joke about it, but never change it. Ask a confident person where that confidence comes from, and you will a long road of insults, let downs and abuse. She chilled after our talk and we were able to move on.

I could have showed my ass when the Earth confronted me in front of the group. I’m at that age where I know how to irrefutably put people in their places with a smile on my face. But I chose to be more diplomatic.

We women are guilty of being hard on each other while giving men the benefit of the doubt. We need to do better. Earth is the home to Islam. Islam being our culture means we have to watch the 2 that we speak to other 2's.



usupreme said...

Peace Queen. Your not too old and you should never be unwilling to change. Technically your body regenerates 98% of your cells(except your brain matter) within 2 years. Your only as old as you allow yourself to feel. As the Earth, you represent life, mentally, physically, and spiritually. It's the natural essence of life to change. All things do. To not would be stagnation and will lead to a mental if not also physical and spiritual death(destruction). As long as your foundation(principles of 1,2,3) is stable, you should be good. The earth we live on isn't the same since it first formed, and it continues to change. The earth is a living organism, it goes through natural disasters because the devils are attempting to destroy the planet and that's its immune system trying to rid herself of him. I'm not telling you to be willing to change because I said so. I'm saying it because that's what the Earth does, that's what life is, constant elevation. Not to say that you should change when anybody critics you. If they have some valid points, preserve the best parts for yourself. We're not here to destroy anybody, we're here to build each other and ourselves up. I am my brothers keeper. You are the nation. Let's make it better. Peace