Monday, November 10, 2014

Today's Math Knowledge Cipher abbt Knowledge


In case you didn't know... today is my degree day!!!!! I'm excited like all small children are... but I 'm not really looking for any gifts.. per se. I've have gotten to the age where I will buy what I want when I want it. No need to wait until a holiday. I am just supper happy to be here doing what I do and have people who care enough about me to send me a shout out. That's grown.

Birthdays make me introspective. And being that today's Supreme Math is Knowledge Cipher, I think it's appropriate for me to be that way. The number 10 is the end of of a cycle and the beginning of another. It stands to reason when you get to the end of a cycle you stop look back and make determinations about whether you were successful in all your endeavors. Have I done everything I intended to do for the last year? Almost. And the important things that didn't get accomplished, I didn't have control over. Oh there are some tasks that I haven't completed... some not started. The importance is low and it will happen.

My activity with the local Cipher stopped. Not really my decision. And you know what? I'm okay with that. It's been nearly 6 moths and I don't miss it at all. This is not my 1st time being asked to leave Ciphers. When I was a church goer, I was asked to leave multiple congregations because my vision of Christianity was not their vision and since divergent visions aren't allowed.... I didn't miss them either. The duty of a civilized person is to teach the uncivilized. I can do that without the Allah's Garden Cipher. Yes, it is easier to move as a group, but not impossible. I can and still am laboring to Show and prove the Black Man is God; the Black Woman is Earth; and babies are the greatest. I still volunteer primarily with my college alumni chapter, and eventually with my sorority and a bit on my own. I'm still Earth regardless of whom or what.

I'm healthy and happy. There aren't very many things in my life that I'd change that aren't changed if you know what I mean. For quite sometime, I have been striving to live deliberately. Meaning do and be what speaks to me as successful. If you imagine yourself living in a particular home, wearing particular clothes, driving a particular car, etc make that a reality. Manifesting a vision is always successful because it comes with life lessons. You can decide if you like it or not. Did it work for you? And it satisfied curiosities so that you aren't wondering what if... I've been doing that and I'm planning to make a few tweaks here and there.

So here I am at the end of a cycle and beginning another. Renewing my history for another 366 days (next year is a leap year). And it's all good.